Halo's Mission: Save Microsoft's Xbox reports: The mission of Master Chief, the protagonist in the popular "Halo" trilogy of video games, is to save humanity from an army of aliens. If that's not enough to thrust upon one person, he's got another task: rescue Microsoft Corp's Xbox video game business from six years of losses and post its first-ever profit.

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nice_cuppa3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Having a thoroughly impressive August The NPD Group results
The main highlights were outlined by Microsoft as follows:

# Xbox 360 unit sales are up 63 percent, versus an 18 percent decline for PS3 and 5 percent decline for Wii month over month

# Xbox 360 outsells PS3 more than 2:1

# Xbox 360 software sales are more than PS3 and Wii software sales combined

# Madden NFL '08 on Xbox 360 outsold all other versions of the title, including the PS2 by more than 250,000 units, and PS3 by more than 560,000

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Sangheili853717d ago

I like this site and love to read it. Unfortunately there is dirt on the under belly of our beloved N4G. That dirt is Nasim. If we continue to report he's comments as SPAM we will clean the dirt.

MADGameR3717d ago

Its impossible for them to save X Box 1. Too little too late. PS2 outsold X Box 7 times their sale! It is impossible to come back!

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snoop_dizzle3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

if the ps2s graphics were inferior to the xbox1, how did the ps2 do so great and have so many great games?

And gee you copied and pasted that about ten times.

now as for hardware failure, yes msoft does have an issue there thats for sure, but they have done something. Now is it enough? Well according to many, no. Hopefully msoft does improve upon this even more.

Vavoom3717d ago

"xbox360 is a 60mph car. PS3 is a 200-600 mph Lamborghinni beast."

Ha! Okay, let's stay with your car analogy. If the 360, wii and PS3 are cars, then GOOD GAMES is the gas that they run on; NOT GRAPHICS. The Wii's graphics are not even close to either machine, so they must be a 35 MPH scooter right? Funny, how this 35 mph scooter is smoking a "200-600 mph Lambo beast" by twice as much as it's beating the 60 mph car.

Moral of the story? The PS3 is loosing the race because you and sony are putting the wrong kind of fuel in it. (i.e Unachievable graphics, and an unneeded blu-ray drive.)

TIP OF THE DAY: Try the super octane (AAA GAME) fuel. Not the high carbon (Blu-ray & Graphics) fuel that's too expensive for people to put in their cars...hahaha.

The PS3 is a 200-600 mph lambo beast with NO fuel in the tank. Which leads me to ask you another question. How do you know it can do 200-600 if you've never gotten it cranked yet.

Stop hating on the 360 and I'll stop hating on your precious 200-600 mph lambo beast without fuel. However, please continue if you choose to do so, as of this moment, 360 & Wii fans a just in a better position to talk smack than you are. (Why do I somehow feel that you don't believe that?)


uxo223717d ago

Even though I own both consoles, I must admit. Your counter comment to secret's comment was beautifully state! Nicely executed! And very interesting. Makes me want to go out and get a 35 mph scooter! (humor)

Bubbles 4 U!

hazeblaze3717d ago

Either way, the PS3 still ends up having more gas. If the games are gas... Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, MGS4, Haze, UT3, FF XIII, & FF XIII VS & Killzone 2 are going to have that lambo going a lot farther than the other two.

Vavoom3717d ago

The race has already started, nobody ever watched EPSN to hear about what a driver would have done had he had the right gas in his tank AFTER the race was over. Just blame it on the PIT crew...(SONY)

Beside, high performance fuel is good for a quick spurt and then it's empty again. (AKA the so called non-price cut) Need to use fuel that is in tune with the car...i.e. Nintendo Wii. Even if you do shoot by (Which I doubt), you'll run out of gas again. Have you read the story "The Tortoise and The Hare"?

WafflesID3717d ago

"The PS3 is a 200-600 mph lambo beast with NO fuel in the tank."

I'm sorry, that is just a freakin beautiful analogy.

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toughNAME3717d ago

since ya know, most of us have shares in Microsoft?

BLACKJACK VII3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

Right, if ppl don't think M$ is making a TON of money off software, accessories, XBL, content like movies, gamerpics, & themes.... they are sorely mistaken. These big corporations post "loses" for tax reasons, I think M$ is raking in the dough.

Yes, they are losing a bunch of money on hardware, but that is not the whole story. Every console maker loses money on hardware - you sell hardware at a loss to promote your software... that's where the True Power is, software sales. They are paying for all their R&D & RROD problems first, then they will post profits.

LOL, If you think M$'s Gaming Division is losing alot of money, then where the hell does that put Sony's Gaming division ?!? Sales numbers don't lie, & last time I checked, it costs Sony alot more to manufactor a PS3 (Thanks BluRay) !

Kyur4ThePain3717d ago

It doesn't matter what Sony or Ninty's situation is, now does it?
Just because someone has no arms, doesn't mean I'm happy with having just one.
And it's not as simple as posting losses for tax purposes....that'll get you in compliance sh!t sooner than you can say "Oh [email protected]". But I don't expect you to understand that.

kreetah3717d ago

While we are kicking Sony for having a Blu-Ray player, lets not forget that Sony is a movie company also and that the PS3 is the best selling HD player out there by far. Sony has both movies and games to help recoop their cost and not to mention that the PS2 sales at this point is just a cash cow for them.

Anyway, with the widely acclamed VISA OS failure they need a bit of good news.

Vavoom3717d ago

Even you are now calling the PS3 a blu-ray player instead of a gaming console. If the owners are confused to what it's for, imagine how confused mainstream consumers must be.

CadDad3717d ago

But Microsoft is still a shareholder corporation. This means that each division is looked at by shareholders and moves are made to maintain profit for those shareholders.

Yes it's true, Microsoft's pockets are very deep, but there is a set of governing bodies controlling the zipper to that pocket. They will need to start posting profit if we are to have continued competition in high-end gaming.

I hope they do make profit and continue in the business, pushing the limits and one-upping with technological advancements isn't nearly as important when you are the only entrant to the contest.


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kss3717d ago

i think ms should worry more about what they should do after halo 3

Mr VideoGames3717d ago

The DVD player is a separate unit. Playing movies is very taxing on the DVD reader, and let's face it. In 3 years when your PS3 DVD drive goes out due to playing lots of movies (PS2 was notoriously bad about this) you will have to go buy another PS3. With the 360, you'll just chuck your HD-DVD player, and go buy another one at the store.

Kyur4ThePain3717d ago

stupidity isn't contagious.
Tell, do you really believe that because your console is unreliable, so are the others?

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