"WRC? Never say never" - Evolution Studios

"Evolution Studios, Motorstorm responsible for the series which will soon lead to Apocalypse Motorstorm for the PS3, once formed the Rally for PlayStation series with the official license of the WRC championship." MyGames

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hennessey862454d ago

the last wrc game from the devs who make superstar v8 was ok but it didnt feel like a wrc game none of the stages or countries felt authentic.

sinncross2454d ago

I dunno... I think it would be great but with them doing Motorstorm these days, I'd rather they just helped with the Rally section in GT and instead focus on a new IP.

TBM2454d ago

i loved the WRC one they did on PS2 so i hope they make one for PS3 also.

badz1492453d ago

really hope they can come back with some 'real' WRC action this gen too although I must say that they're doing pretty awesome on Motorstorm! Apocalypse is on my must buy list this year! woot woot can't wait!

hennessey862453d ago

I think colin mcrea 2005 is the best rally game ive played, i did like the ps2 wrc games but i found the colin mcrea games alot more fun while still feeling authentic

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alphakennybody2454d ago

Evolution studio should team up with poluphony for gt6. they(evo stud) could work on the rally aspect while poly focus on the tarmac racing.

Malebaria2454d ago

Bring along Sony Liverpool with Wipeout HD's music and sound effects and you have the ultimate racer.

alphakennybody2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Speaking of Liverpool studio, Sony should let them take a brake on wipeout and give them Kinetica.

BaYo1822454d ago

WOW last rally game i played was V-RALLY3 from eden studios.. which i though was a pretty decent attempt for a rally game... im actually still waiting for V-RALLY 4 to come out... hopefully they can make a good game like Colin McRae 2 for PSone... awesome game...