Another title with N64 graphics? Thrillville: Off the Rails

LucasArts has released the first set of screenshots for Thrillville: Off the Rails on the Nintendo Wii, and, compared to the multi-format stills from the Leipzig Games Convention, they're a low-res, blurry mess.

The growing examples of Nintendo Wii developers underperforming in the graphics stakes is quite a concern. Yes, the drive has been in 'gameplay/controls over graphics,' but surely there is no reason to deliver such completely sub-par aesthetical efforts as this.

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xplosneer3927d ago


Also, as it said, gameplay over graphics is precisely the case.

WAR_MACHINE773926d ago

I agree that its kinda flamebait, but gameplay over graphics only goes so far. I'm not saying I need a game to look uber, but decent graphics do enhance the experience, while bad graphics can detract from it

risk3926d ago

but do you really want your eyes to bleed??

zerolinkgannon3926d ago

Word to developers, if you don't try we won't buy! We will teach you a lesson about making cheap pieces of $hit when your game sells less that 1,000 units its entire life span! >:O

NRG3926d ago

People are typically too drunk when playing Wii to really care about quality.
But yeah, what's up with some of those screenshots. For example, the one the article used has some horrible image-interlacing going on.

tikku3926d ago

It's games like this that led me to sell my Wii..

ChickeyCantor3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

So you sold your Wii because of games like these?
so you admit that you are ignoring all the other games that are worth it?
=/ and the fact you haven't played the game yet and don't even know if its fun or not .....

All consoles are going to have some crappy games.

tikku3926d ago

I sold my Wii when I realized that Nintendo could have just released a WiiMote for the Gamecube and the results would have been similar. It's breathtakingly disappointing how bad the graphics are on this system. I really enjoyed Twilight Princess, but couldn't help but feel like I was playing a Gamecube game and to see releases that look so very last gen and in this case(2 gens ago) I feel my decision to sell it was justified.

KeiZka3926d ago

that you'll ever see graphics like SMG nor MP3 with gamecube only. An upgrade is an upgrade, and would you be crying out loud "insolence" as well if you were to upgrade your 7600GT to 8600GT? Difference, minimal at best, is still difference.

Rooftrellen3926d ago

"I really enjoyed Twilight Princess, but couldn't help but feel like I was playing a Gamecube game"

You were.

Let's see what happens when people push the Wii, though. Mario Galaxy is quite possibly the most beautiful game this year. All systems will have their share of bad looking games, and when people try to rush to cash in on the system they didn't plan for games to go on, it ends up looking like...well...this.

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The story is too old to be commented.