First Halo 3 review. By fansite of 'Argos' copy

Gaming fansite managed to get hold of a copy of Halo 3 when UK retailer Argos accidentally sold a few copies earlier this week. Stig has spent the last two days reviewing it.

He has proof of purchase, and photos of the game. Which means his review makes history as the first online review of Halo 3, and the first western review.

He describes himself as a Halo sceptic, and there are noticeable framerate issues, however his review may surprise you!

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nobizlikesnowbiz3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Non-Halo fan gives it a 9/10.

"The combat though is gripping and spectacular and Halo 3 contains hands down the best Halo fights ever. There are new enemies and weapons and with the fantastic AI the whole thing combines to give you some really thrilling encounters."

10-12 hours long. Sweet. On Heroic or Legendary extend that number by quite a bit.

So fing excited. This guy doesn't even like Halo and he says it's easily one of the best games of the year. Says something right there.

If you even like Halo a little tiny bit your gonna love this fing game.

<ed.> Nasim, do you ever click links and read the story before you start typing your dumb shat?


"If you want a Halo fan’s review you have come to the wrong place."

First sentence. Did YOU read the review?

3899d ago
DrunKao3899d ago

Halo 3's replayability will be through the roof with finding all the skulls, terminals, 4 player co-op, campaign scoring, forge, multiplayer.

Campaign Scoring will be HUGE. With being able to play it with 4 people, teaming up or playing individually, leaderboards, and every stat you can imagine being accessible with Forge should do alright too ;)

Mu5afir3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

He is not a "none-halo" fan, did you even read the review?
4 player Co-oP? I thought it was already established there is no co-op play in Halo 3?

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Douchebaggery3899d ago

let me tell you a secret, nobody cares about your f*cking rant posting it on multiple news post won't change that fact.

dmeador3899d ago

That has to be one of the dumbest comments I've seen. How can Microsoft stop devolopers from making good looking games on the PS3? So they pay off every single devoloper do they?

SonySoldiers3899d ago


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m233899d ago

The game met this guy's expectations, even though he really didn't have any, but from what he has said I think the game might meet mine as well. I can't wait anymore just a couple days more.

Leg-End3899d ago

curtis = ps3
kanye = wii

people wanna take the top dog down. but eventually the top dog will remain on top
plus europe likes curtis and the ps3

sorry, off-subject - halo will rule (but still slighly overrated i think)

TheXgamerLive3899d ago

I'm not certain the guy really reviewed the game, I mean he cleaverly never said anything factual about the game at all, his whole review was generic.

However I'm certain the game will really be a 10 out of 10.

snoop_dizzle3899d ago

2pac or biggie would be a better candidate.

i actually don't mind some of kanye's music but thats about it.

Andronix3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

I like the guys review, and I trust it to be a hell of a lot more honest than many magazines. He is not a Halo fanboy just a gamer.

"If you’re expectations are that the game will change your life, make you a man and ultimately get you laid then you are going to be very disappointed indeed."

In this way he says that his review is not based on hype but on the game, how many reviews will we say that 'its better than sex?' He is honest enough to comment on some minor faults, frame rate problems and graphics (like GamesMaster magazine said) are very good but not as good as he was hoping for. Despite his scepticism he praises the games quality, production values, story and playability.

This looks like it could be a fantastic game. I cant bloody wait!

MarioFromTexas3899d ago

we can post nothing but blogs in N4G.COM...........It seems like every good news for M$ and bad news for PS3 has been someone blog. Come on xbots this sh1t is getting out of hand with the blogs, can we just get news about games and not consoles. Where are all the in depth news about real games. It seems no matter what every article turns into a flamebait

Gamingskills3899d ago

If you are a Sony Fanboy give us all a favor and SHUT THE F#CK UP! PLEASE ITS FREE! Your negative opinion means nothing if you don't have the game. Face it this game is going to sell better than anything on PS3 available. You are just MAD it's not coming out for PS3. No matter how you feel this game is going to do very well. HA HA!

spider_pig3899d ago

hey S-hole...only xbots want to play halo...this is another FPS with no emotion...i've played it and its a indiferent and overrated game for me and for the people who dont buy a console that dies....xcox is STFU...

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