Thompson: Home delay is disappointing, Sony underestimated online challenge

Neil Thompson, senior regional director for the UK and Ireland at Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division, has told in an exclusive interview that he feels Sony's delay to the Home project is down to the company underestimating the challenges of the platform. He was disappointed in the delay, but dismissed the idea that a lack of price cut had played into Microsoft's hands in the run-up to Christmas.

When asked about the new rumble-enabled Sixaxis controller, Thompson felt that Sony was forced to release products early in order to try and counter the progress of the Xbox 360.

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Vojkan3736d ago

Smart guy, has good points.

nasim3735d ago

rather than talking about SONY why doesnt MS fix the 100% defective x360s..alomst 50% of them are being traded in for ps3 /wii.

why doesnt MS take steps to revive x360 in JAPAN and EU.

x360 sells just 1k hardwares in JAPAN and just 10k hardwares in EU.

talking big when they represent a dead console

BD is beating HD DVD all over the world

9:1 in JAPAN and EU

and 2:1 in NA

Sangheili853735d ago

If you are sick of hearing Nasims false and Idiotic Sony Propaganda then do something about it! We have the power to shut him up! Report his COMMENT AS SPAM!

SonySoldiers3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Please don't believe this guy! For Sony, delays are excusable. Advanced technology needs extra time to progress. The future is next year, we promise! GO SONY!!!

Saint Sony3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Sony pretty much overestimated blu-ray and underestimated everything else.

Azures3736d ago

I don't know why Microsoft feels as though Sony underestimated the challenge, MS has never tried anything like this ever. Home and XBL are far too different to compare the two in terms of implementation difficulty.

XBL is an instant messenger to Home's MMO. Its not a question of underestimating online implementation, but rather the time it takes to correctly craft such an ambitious online space.

devilsadvocate3736d ago

Concentrate on your own brand and the abysmall 33% error rate. Get your own house sorted before commenting on others.

darkequitus3736d ago

If you are ask a question don't answer it. Of course, other companies don't comment on their competitors.

Ok let extrapolate this. No comments on a console you don't own. How is that?

and the RROD is a little old as it is not stop 360's or games being sold. That argument can be turned around to sony to say ¨ why do I have to wait till 08 to dust of my PS3¨ It does not matter what the landscape was before PS3 came out, but what it was like when it did.

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devilsadvocate3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

now you are talking nonsense. I own ps3/pc/wii\xbox\psp\ds\gba
\atari\amiga\megadrive\snes\g ame gear\gamecube\n64 - do I need go on? There is a lot more.
I dont own a 360 for ONE reason:

the 33% error rate - If microsoft actually sorted this problem out instead of dismissing it, covering it up or just extending warranties then I would be sold. 360 has great games but really poor system. Therfore, my point isnt about not commenting on competitors, it is not commenting when you have done very little if ANYTHING to remedy the situation your OWN company is in.

As for the "no games" argument, that is just plain stupid. I have had ps3 since launch day in uk and have:

Motorstorm, Resistance, Fight night, Oblivion, Rainbow six vegas, the darkness, Warhawk, Heavenly Sword - Geez, if you have all the systems you say you do, then you should know better than most that for the first 9 months of a console life, that is not a bad collection - especially considering there are NO GAMES.

Hugh Hefner3735d ago

The new 360s with HDMI, revised hardware, and extra heatsink are good. Trust me, that is a purchase you will be glad you did.

Kleptic3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

and where is this "revised" xbox? in stores now? mixed in with all the faulty 360s?...there is this falcon thing, but MS isn't announcing when it will be on shelves, so that current users don't feel screwed with the fact that their is a pretty high probability that their box will snap within a year or two...

I completely agree with Devilsadvocate...I owned an original XBOX...and found I spent 90% of my time on a PS2 because of games...My halobox (that was also capable of playing NG/Black) didn't have enough games for me to enjoy it, and it reall only rarely showed its true potential...but that thing was a rock...much better than a PS2 as far as reliability...and I always loved that...You can imagine how happy I was, being nickle and dimed to death by MS for accessories/XBL as is, to hear them officially drop the system to focus on the 360...Sega tried that with the Saturn and that was the first step to ruining their hardware business...

I was on the fence about a 360...because a) launched games looked like crap (chant COD2 all you want, it only looked marginally better than an exlusive Xbox 1 title)...and I witnessed my little cousin's launch day 360 take a dump within the first 12 hours of playing...only to find out Best Buy was rumoring on a wide spread failure rate even that early...I have seen that poor little dude go through 3 of them altogether...

whats ironic is that the 360 basically did get decent games after a while...oblivion was really the first game for it that really made me wish it was reliable...and then of course Gears was cool...but other than that there was nothing that really blew me away...Vegas was/is cool, but not a system seller for me...and I have simply played too much halo to care anymore (thats why I owned the original xbox...not buying a system for that one game again)...

It is funny to hear people refer to others as fanboys and say "play games not systems"...that is the stupidest thing I ever heard...You are a fanboy if you don't purchase every system available?...If being a wise informed consumer makes me a fanboy, w/e...It is my earned money going towards these systems...I am not a blind Sony supporter or anything, but this generation...they got the reliability right...the system is solid...and worth the money...I hated getting nickled and dimed by MS last gen, and I am pretty sure I wouldn't like it this gen...and the extended warranty, or whatever they call it, is a cup of water thrown on a forest fire...

If the falcon is a reality, and goes a year with a much more acceptable failure rate...I may then become interested...I will take UT3 on a reliable system over Halo 3 on a questionable system any day this fall though...

devilsadvocate3735d ago

totally agree. I am not totally convinced about the falcon chip. By the time reliability is proved, assuming they would release tommorow, would take say a year, then microsoft will probably be announcing the next xbox. It wont actualy matter if the falcon chip is reliable or not, as long as the impression is reliability, it will buy them another year of sales.

Kleptic3735d ago

exactly...forgot to mention that...

I am also worried that MS will do to the same thing to me as last the time I decide to get a 360, because I am not freaked about it, is when MS will announce the 720, er w/e...

wouldn't suprise me if E3 08 is when they make an announcement about the next console...MS admitted they are attempting to shorten console lifespans...the first Xbox was 4 years old, with an announcement on the 360 made during its 3rd year...if history repeats, we will be hearing about the next one in late 08 most likely...I won't be any part of that, but hopefully that won't happen again...

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tomfoolery3736d ago

by MS in just about every arena in this gen.
This makes me very happy to see the top dog for the last two gens pwned!
Rock on WII60................take a seat Sony.


CyberSentinel3735d ago

MS serves a healthy slice of Humble pie to Sony.

kevin11223735d ago

what kind of loser are you where you get joy in seeing companys battle it out. seriously, get a life for your own sake before you are 40 yrs old living at home.

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