Tales of Vesperia PS3 for North America Looking Unlikely

Namco Bandai may have officially announced Tales of Graces F this afternoon for the PlayStation 3 and that made Tales fans excited, but, sadly, Tales of Vesperia PS3 still appears that it will not be coming to North America on the PS3.

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Warprincess1162451d ago

Who cares, we got the new tales game

[email protected]2451d ago

I care, but its a new Tales of after all.. still cares about Vesperia PS3 either way.

Reibooi2451d ago

Alot of people care. There are alot of fans who didn't and won't buy a 360 to play Vesperia which is one of my favorite tales games to date.

Not to mention there was so much added content in the PS3 version as to almost make it a different game.

It really makes no sense. We had heard from Troy Baker(one of voice actors in the game) that they had already finished the English voice over for the PS3 version which would in theory mean the translation was also done. So the only thing to do would be to press and release it and the hype over the game would probably help it to be profitable.

Maybe we can hope that if Tales of Graces F sells well they will finally release Vesperia PS3. After he didn't say no he just said they are focusing on Graces F at the moment.

Thoreau2451d ago

i am sorry but i had to click disagree because of your avatar.

Baka-akaB2451d ago

what kind of "Tales of" fan wouldnt care and miss even one ?

Vegeta90002451d ago


If he didn't want us to find out about Graces F then he obviously wouldn't want use to find out about Vesperia. Look at the 3 pictures of evidence below.

In the first pic you can clearly see a darker purple font which only can be seen in the 2nd image. Also, notice the top left side of the "T" in picture one and compare it to picture 2 & 3.

If that's not enough for you then look at the bottom of the "T" in picture 1. It clearly has an underline which can ONLY be seen in the logo for Vesperia! (picture 2)

Kamikaze1352451d ago

Yeah, I appreciate the localization of Graces f, but Namco are jerks for posting a teaser for a game that's not getting released in the US, lol.

Snake Raiser2451d ago

If you're going to have an objection it should be that any games (that are halfway decent) are only in one region. I mean, I could understand it back for the PS1, SNES and NES eras, but by now I think pretty much every game should be released in every region. The industry has advanced so much in every other area, I don't see why it hasn't in this one.

SaiyanFury2451d ago (Edited 2451d ago )

I don't know why people are so worried. The Graces F logo was the first one to be shown on that site, and the Vesperia logo was the second. Hence, logically if people would think it through, Graces F would be the first to be announced, which it was, and Vesperia's announcement would come sometime after. It's coming people, just have a bit of faith.

TheColbertinator2451d ago

Forget Vesperia,its not a big deal.One of the worst Tales games created.On the other hand Graces F looks so damn fun

disgaeapuchi2451d ago

Graces F definitely looks great, though I wonder whether Namco will irritate Wii-only users by not localising the lead platform version of the game too.

I personally didn't find Vesperia bad compared to the other games in the series, while being a solid RPG it was just disappointing. It was such a missed opportunity - it was on a new system that could have moved the boundaries forward for the series yet it hardly brought any improvements to the table.

Even the also disappointing Tales of Symphonia sequel on Wii told its story better thanks to proper motion capture cutscenes, whereas Vesperia retained the text + stop-start animation that the DS has no trouble with (see Golden Sun: Dark Dawn).

Tales of Graces definitely seems to right those wrongs. Can't. Wait!

Optical_Matrix2451d ago

It was the Vesperia logo. The typeface used to the T is DIFFERENT to the first teaser image which showed the Tales of Graces F logo. Either Namco are trying to holding off on an announcement, OR they're jerk offs for teasing the logo of a game they're not even bringing to the west.

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