Awesome Gears PC shots

Microsoft has passed over a batch of awesome new Gears of War shots for PC. Don't you dare miss 'em.

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ulath6663835d ago

... Sharper textures! This looks better than the 360 version. Hope itll be as much fun on Pc as on 360.

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okcomputer3835d ago

Anyone hear of any rumors about that added single player content becoming downloadable to the 360 at some later point? I wouldn't want to re-buy this game for my pc just for five added chapters.

Sangheili853835d ago

I Believe Cliffy confirmed it would not be included on the 360 for 2 reasons. One to much work to include single player levels. Second he said why would people buy the PC Version if the 360 had the same thing? They wanted to keep them different. It's unfortunate but i've had my Gears fix.

okcomputer3835d ago

Thx for the answer. Its a shame 360 owners won't get to see the added content without rebuying the game, which i won't do either. It makes perfect business sense though.

sheng long3835d ago

the 2nd picture throws me off.
looks like they're playing annex but i don't recognize the map, must be one of the new ones.