IGN: TGS 2007: Metal Gear Online Hands-on, Videos and Screens

If you're a PS3 owner, you've probably been paying attention to every detail released about Metal Gear Solid 4. But one of the newest surprises is the development of a multiplayer only title known as Metal Gear Online. Similar to the multiplayer found within Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, the Metal Gear Online experience is set in the MGS4 environment, putting players in the role of a PMC soldier. At this year's Tokyo Game Show, IGN were able to take on other gamers in a six on six team deathmatch with the new game.

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PimpHandHappy3866d ago

i seen the online gameplay vid yesterday. Kinda looks like GRAW

I played the last MGS online game and i found it fun but i was hooked on socom at the time and it didnt take me away from that...

still cant wait for this game


kamakazi3866d ago

damn cant wait for this game.

socomnick3866d ago

mgs o looks like crap :/ MGs 4 though looks awesome. Mgs online looked like a wack ass version of graw I always though the playstation controllers sucked for shooters and its apparent in all the mgs online videos I have seen the people can never get a correct shot off.

SDS Overfiend3866d ago

I hope they don't plan on selling that sh1t?

M4I0N33866d ago

MGO, doesnt really look good, because i was hoping you could sneak around and flank enemies, but as you can see, u you see ur enemies through walls and they get shown up in orange, :/, this little feature wudn't play nicely for me :(, it just wudn't feel like metal gear solid