PS3 Devs SEGA and Capcom Scared of Halo 3 Release

PS3 Center reports: It seems that according to rumors Capcom and SEGA are going to hold off on releasing and developing certain PS3 games as they want to wait and see how the market is after Halo 3 releases on the Xbox 360. This could be a possible sign that Capcom and SEGA want to see what kind of impact Halo 3 has on the video game market and how many sales of Xbox 360 units it garners. The news came at TGS when both companies stated that many PS3 games they had in development are now on hold. It is not a good sign that major developers such as SEGA and Capcom are basing releases on how well Halo 3 least not good for PS3 fans.

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PimpHandHappy3736d ago

ummmm Halo is out this week? What games did these guys (capcom and Sega) have coming out this week to where it is being held back?

this is opinion and again

its a blog wrapped inside someone elses blog

classic N4G fare

Capt CHAOS3736d ago

They are basically saying they need to re-evaulate their development efforts, and perhaps pay the 360 a higher priority than they have done, or perhaps have a look at the features on how HALO3 plays via xbox live and see if these are features they need to consider.

This is good for 360 AND PS3 owners.. Because ultimately, this will make the market and competition tougher and give some lame dev houses a quick slap across the face..

lockload3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

The devs are holding back PS3 games in development not release dates of games, basically they are losing confidence in the PS3 as a viable platform

Devs complained about the PS2 but the devs had no choice to develop for it it was #1 this is not the case anymore now are thinking hold on why put all the extra expense and effert into a PS3 game when it will sell 1/2 the units compared to other platforms..

Even the analysts are starting to question the PS3 the rot is starting..

This holiday season is make or break for PS3 devs will start to reprioritise on other more profitable platforms

fjtorres3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

They're delaying stuff in *development* not stuff ready for release.

Doesn't take much reading between the lines to see its stuff like DEAD RISING 2 and LOST PLANET 2 and whatever 08 HD-gaming projects SEGA is cooking up.

The issue isn't Halo per se, but rather the installed base of the two platforms. They're waiting to see how things shape up for the holidays and beyond. With PS3 sales back at March levels and 360 getting past the bad publicity of the summer, they want to see if the gap between PS3 and 360 is going to keep on growing before dropping more money into PS3 development.

That it is Japanese companies doing this is what's interesting.
If it were EA, UbiSoft, and/or Take2 it would be understandable. But japanese developers?
Most odd.

tehcellownu3736d ago

Biggest crap of all time..capcom is known for releasing games mulitplatform and sqaure they have no plan for any games for the 360 accept for last remnant which will come on 4 halo 3 is big but damn stop makin like its the end of the console war..only xbots will fall for this

3736d ago
Witty Comment3736d ago

You guys should check out timecube. Secret\Nasim is a dead-ringer for that guy. It's hilarious.



SonySoldiers3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Lol. Why would they believe in HAlo effect?
We don't have big games out for this year but we will next year or so!

Listen up... be patient, waiting is Golden!!!!!!! We cannot afford to delay new games any longer for this.

The Xbox 360 has the most powerful Graphics, but we have the most powerful CPU!

Yes there is bottlenecks issues on PS3's GPU but it doesn't mean game devs are going to lose the competition! New API's will help them to create mindblowing games!

neogeo3736d ago

Microsoft will dominate the next round of the console wars. Why?

It has to do with overall strategy. The XBox 360 is another piece of the digital home, with the media center PC at the heart.

I have long been anti MS. But the truth is that the strategy behind using the XBox 360 as the delivery mechnism and the media pc as the hub is a strong one. MS products for better or worse have been easy to hookup and link together, and ease is what dominates at the end of the day.

MS will have you sitting in front of your TV, using your 360 to pull previously recorded shows or other entertainment from your media pc. The media pc already allows for multiple tuners, hence the ability to record from multiple channels at one time. You will be able to move from 360 to 360, and still be able to maintain one profile for Xbox live, or saved games.

MS realizes that the world still sits in front of the TV. Sony may have better products at the end of the day, but the lack of a truly homewide strategy will be the real killer, not the games.

One wild card in the bunch is Comcast, and Time Warner. What will they do? Will Sony try and partner with either one or both? If so, what is the impact?

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Bigmac5733736d ago

Putting any game up against Halo 3, save for maybe Final fantasy or MGS would be suicide.

Capt CHAOS3736d ago

See above, they are talking about stopping development until they sit and listen, not stopping their game releases over the next few weeks..

devilsadvocate3736d ago

How would what choice of game i purchase on PLAYSTATION be affected by halo? Maybe if i was buying ONE 360 game then yeah.

fjtorres3736d ago

Its not about your purchases or your investment in Ps3 or 360.
Its about SEGA and CAPCOM's investment.
Basically, what they're pondering (and at this point its just pondering; lets not jump to conclusions, here) is whether they'd be better off releasing two cross-platform HD games next year or 3 360-only games. Not an easy question to judge. It takes 18-24 months to get a game out the door and there is no telling what the market is going to look like in XMAS08/Spring09.
Will Halo push 360 to 18 million by January?
Will Sony bite the bullet and release the $399 PS3 in november instead of april?
With each game costing $20-40 million to develop, a bad bet on PS3 could wipe out all the profits from the 360 side. So they wait for the Halo storm to hit and see which way things trend. Maybe they end up delaying the PS3 release by 3-6 months.
Maybe they cancel the PS3 versions.
Or maybe they do a completely different game that is PS3-only with the resources that would've been used making the 360-games multiplatform.
Many ways to play this particular game.
Problem is there are more ways to lose than to win.

devilsadvocate3736d ago

i appreicate your informative post, and yeah, good points.

ip-student3736d ago

You are correct. The other thing that is interest, at least to me, is that the second Sony releases a $400 PS3, MS will likely drop the price of the xbox 360 to $300.

They would have done so already but sales are decent and they are still getting the falcon into the system (why push sales if you are concerned about warranty issues - even if the new heat sink solves the issue). Once the Falcon is in full flight, I suspect MS can make a profit at $300. So trying to make sure the PS3 can match (or stay close to) the XBOX 360 this console generation is going to bankrupt Sony if Sony isn't careful.

And assuming the above is true - there doesn't seem to be much chance for Sony to catch up until the PS3 reaches a mass market price ($300 or less) - a price level where consumers don't care about the difference in cost and can buy it only for the games. And without catching up, there will never be the games. Sony is looking at one heck of a chicken versus the egg problem. I hope things work out - I like the effect of competition - and the Nintendo Wii is not going to push MS all that much.

stonedog3736d ago

this can only be bad news for Sony. PS3 needs games yesterday b/c the competition has such a head start in terms of install base. The delay of games being developed by Sega and Capcom is in no way positive. Indeed Sony may have to cross some palms with silver to move matters forward. When the original x-box came out there was a dearth of games after the intial excellence that was the original Halo. Sony is in the position the M$ was with the original X-box. So they have to spend money to get content. This means that they are going to have to give third parties incentive (bribes if you feel less charitable) to get decent content. Sony has just announced that it is going to give more support to developers so as to facilitate content; one would have thought that they would have made this effort earlier. One of the previous comments was that the PS3 is a 200 mph sports car vs. the 360 which is a 60 mph car and that the 360 sucess will limit this generation of console. I would suggest that if Sony wants to show off the ability of its 200 mph super car it should put some bloody petrol (gas)in the thing. Its been said before it will be said again it is the games that count and Sony has little to offer at this juncture. Halo 3 is huge and Sony has no answer to it in 2007. 2008 may be a good year for PS3 but how much further behind will they be after x-mas 2007.

Presently Sony does not seem very adept at hadling it third place position. All they presently have is promises; and this is in the face of major RROD fiasco.

Let me be clear to the fan boys who this diatribe will uspset; I wish to see competition between Sony and M$ b/c that way I will get interesting game to play b/c of competition.

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nobizlikesnowbiz3736d ago


can't wait to save crazy action, and go through it frame by frame...

why can't it be Tues mornin yet?

See you all on after i get my copy.

nobizlikesnowbiz3736d ago

Even if it's an opinion, it's true.

If they were to put anything up against Halo it would get destroyed in sales.

Gamer luv3736d ago

Yes, Halo is here, and dont we know it.

wageslave3736d ago

Your missing the point. Sega and Capcom aren't delaying PS3 releases because of Xbox 360, they are delaying development.

They can put off hiring external art & graphics teams, motion capture, marketing, hiring new people, audio and on and on... kind of slow down their projects.

Sega and Capcom are going to watch how badly Xbox 360 outsells PS3 in the next 3-6 months to know if PS3 is going to be viable.

Kyur4ThePain3736d ago

They would stop DEVELOPMENT during the release window. What, are they all taking vacation?

Gamer luv3736d ago


Like the dude above said they will most probably stop so that they can include features from Halo 3 in there games, probably small things like little additions for Xbox Live and PSN

Kyur4ThePain3736d ago

You don't stop the machine that is a development effort and everything that surrounds it so you can see what "small things" you can add.

stonedog3735d ago

the viability and profitability of the developing games for the PS3