Talking Virtua Fighter 5's Online, Rumble With Sega

Kotaku reports: "Had the pleasure of chatting yesterday with Sega's Tohru Murayama and Noriyuki Shimoda about Virtua Fighter 5. While we conversed, the subject of the "discrepancies" between the PS3 and 360 versions came up. In particular, why the 360 version features online multiplayer, while the PS3 one does not."

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Siesser3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

It's unfortunate that developers would be in the dark about rumble even being announced. I don't know of this is just a general black-out strategy to prevent leaks and stuff, or if Sony's just being bad about maintaining a rapport with developers.

Happy to see them excited to be able to add it though; and not even like "maybe we will." A definite "we're doing that."

jlytle12343930d ago

how could you not know that there was going to be a rumble ps3 controller. Everyone has been predicting it since before e3. And what is their excuse for not bringing online to ps3 via downloadable content. If namco can do it so can these guys. I hope everyone at Sega isnt as out of touch with reality as these two guys.

picker3323930d ago

Oh man this suck's i dont really care about the rumble controler.
They (Sega) always given us excuse's like they do the rumble thing instead of online play...Why, well i ques it's easier,That make's them lazy!!!Rather online then rumble,Easy!!!

goodganja3930d ago

Sega can be thrown in the dump with EA sports. They know they wanna go XBOX exclusive so let those pricks do it. Sony has namco and Tekken is better than whack @ss virtua fighter anyway!!!!!!111

LeShin3930d ago

Yeah, I'm not buying their excuse about not implementing online in VF5. Last time I checked Tekken 5:Dark Resurrection didn't have online when it was made, but magically appeared recently on the PS3, so maybe AM2 are just crap devs?

Though we STILL don't have Tekken Online here in the bloody UK! :(

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