Nintendo details Link's Crossbow Training

Nintendo has released further details on Link's Crossbow Training, confirming that the game is meant as a hand-holding exercise into using the Wii Zapper so that players will be ready for any future Wii titles compatible with the device - exactly the same strategy they used with Wii Play and the Wii Remote.

The title will feature three gameplay modes for up to four players: Target Shooter, Defender and Ranger.

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PS360WII3901d ago

Well it's a new way to sell accessories. Give a game with it. Worked hella good with Wii Play why not this. Personally I would of bought a lot of other add on stuff from the other 2 companies if they did something like this.

Rooftrellen3901d ago

It certainly doesn't hurt Nintendo that Wii Play, and, most likely this, are good games in and of themselves for the price you pay for them.

It feels a little like what Sony is doing, except I want the game and the zapper, while I don't want bluray. Both are forms of a trojan horse approach, though, Sony with their game console and HD format, so that a sale for one can help sales of both, and Nintendo with an accessory and a game, so an attachment for one is an attachment for both.

ShadoWulf3901d ago

Ranger mode= Zelda FPS? Never thought I'd see the day. Much better than what I thought this game would be (just plain old target shooting). And for $20, nice.