Getting Started With Linux

Linux is hot again. In fact, there's never been a better time for Microsoft Windows users to give Linux a whirl.

The OS is more usable than ever, easier to install, and more compatible with PC hardware. It still helps to be somewhat tech-savvy to get the most out of Linux, but that's no longer a major requirement.

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leinadem23716d ago

I used to like Linux but with the new upgrades of Vista It looks like a cheap version of Vista

MrTangent3716d ago

Funny that you say that, because Vista is just a cheap imitation of OS X. :)

Silvia0073716d ago

Linux isn't bad... but for free... it's great. I use it as a file server on a cheap $500 dollar pc and it works wonders.

Solotov3716d ago

This is not newsforgamers

Omegasyde3716d ago

I Did just for the SNES, SEGA Genesis, N64(sorta sux), NES emulators.

Not alot of people know how to but yea you can play emulators on the ps3 all for free. Sorta of a long process but its sorta cool how I can play Chrono Trigger on a big screen, pause check my friends list or Voice chat, unpause and keep playing. Or quit linnux and play a game of motorstorm.

Sure you can get all of this on the Computer, but its sorta justifies some of the price of the ps3. Pretty damn cool too.

"Omegasyde does recommend you actually have a physical copy of the game bofore try and emulation game."


RedSeven3716d ago

I actually just started using Ubuntu and it's pretty nice. I have a tri-boot now of Mac Tiger, Vista, and Ubuntu.

TheBigL053R3716d ago

Hehe, Fox News. =D

I wouldn't call it reliable without a huge, Conservative Bias warning =D

xc7x3716d ago

and what does this have to do with being Conservative? keep your politcal views to yourself

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The story is too old to be commented.