Greenberg Says Current Xbox 360s Are "Improved"

Kotaku reports: "That's Xbox Group Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg. A group of us chatted with him at Microsoft's TGS hotel, touching base on the 360 quality woes. But relax! Aaron says things are getting better. No, things are better. "

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PimpHandHappy3836d ago

you see how he is holding his hands....FBI would call that nerves and continue with there questions...

If things are better i want to see a stress test! I want to see a teardown! I want to see MS own true numbers on how many systems have been sent back....

this isnt news! This is blog on top of a blog within this is a blogger within another blog


Skynetone3835d ago

The main reason for the problems is that the wrong type of lead free solder was used, a type that when exposed to elevated temperatures for a long time becomes brittle and can develop hair-line cracks that are almost irreparable

Why dont they double the size of the xbox and give all the components plenty air to breath

I dont give a crap what it looks like as long as it works

SonySoldiers3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

OK boys!.. it's time to switch to Playstation 3! More expensive yet more reliable.

No games no worries, there's a Blu-Ray player to watch cool movies in the PS3!


kn3836d ago

"Reports" or RROD FUD has decreased dramatically overall. Is it because less new machines are failing? Is it because the RROD anti-360 message no longer has as much FUD value because the answer is always "Yeah, fine, but I have a 3 year warranty so STFU."?

Either way, the hardware failure topic seems to have died off rather drastically and I don't think it is going to hurt Microsoft going into the holidays.

A stress test would be nice, though...

Arkham3835d ago

The "stress test" otherwise known as Halo 3.

SacT0wnF1n3st3836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

First of all, what else would he say?. Secondly, the 360 can't get any worse in terms of hardware failure so...

Hugh Hefner3836d ago

It has gotten BETTER. Anyone who doesn't own a 360 by this fall will be missing out on a LOT.

Tsalagi3835d ago

To prevent this from turning into a "My launch unit is still working" , "RROD box Xbox Suxxors!!1" type of flame fest how about posting your live name when you post. Then all your claims can be validated by simply going to and looking at the time you have played the machine.

marionz3835d ago

and no ive had no problems with my 360 and i play it heaps, just look at my games

Lacarious3835d ago

there's nothing M$ can say that will make me believe that they have actually improved the quality of the 360. Even the elite's are getting red rings and they're supposed to be "elite".

on my 6th one and should get a 7th since it takes 15 times before GOW starts.

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The story is too old to be commented.