Halo 3: CGI vs Gameplay Comparison

Side by side graphics comparison of the recently released Halo 3 screenshots and the CGI trailer that was released a while back. At least based on the images, the game holds up quite well in comparison.

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PimpHandHappy3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

differnet angles diffent backgrounds

this is a waste of ur life

comparing screen shots and CGI trailers

why dont you wait till the game is out then compare it to Halo2!

Hit disagree if ur a total Halo Fanatic! Few more days and we will all know the truth

Lightning Mr Bubbles3868d ago

Halo 3 is a first person shooter, if you're looking at Master Chief then it's not a real gameplay footage.

Dannagar3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

The game actually plays in 3rd person if you pick up certain weapons.

Hugh Hefner3868d ago

The camera in Halo 3 is detachable... so you can go into 3rd person view and take pics.

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Twilightx73868d ago

Go away. Nobody cares about your opinion.

secret3868d ago

Look at the current third / fourth gen games like Halo3 and Ninja Gaiden 2, and you can see that the xbox360 has maxed out graphically. They look pretty similar or even worse than first gen titles from the PS3 such as Motorstorm and Ninja Gaiden Sigma that's a remake port made by a branched off bunch of unimportant kids inexeperienced with the PS3. With an important title like Halo3, you'd think Microsoft would make a giant graphicall leap. But they couldn't.

Grand Turimso 5 is only the beginning for the PS3, and you can tell that no xbox360 game ever will graphically compare. It'll only get better and better, wheras the XBOX360 has had two to three years already and there has been no sign of a graphical breakthrough at all. Grand Turismo 5 is a graphical breakthrough as Motostorm. I'd argue that the xbox360 cannot do Motostorm with all it's dust and mud and particle effects and lighting and physics.

xbox360 is a 60mph car. PS3 is a 200-600 mph Lamborghinni beast. Microsoft plays dirty and changes laws and rules so that all cars faster than it must run at near 60mph so that it would be "fair" to them. They also place sneaky roadblocks and other dirty tricks along the way. But that is bad for ALL gamers. Because graphics will be capped off at 60mph instead of 600mph for this gen unless the PS3 finds a way to counter the bad people...

Microsoft has committed the crime of knowingly releasing faulty hardware to the public.

Microsoft has committed the crime of restricting all graphics power to their maximum level, which is pretty low.

Micrsofot and xbots have committed the crime of unethical business practices as you see in this room and through bribed media and secret handshakes.

All gamers suffer because of the xbox360 because all graphics are being capped off at 60mph when it should be 600mph or more this generation. We'll have to wait and see if the PS3 can outmanuever the unethical practices of their competition. You only resort to dirty tricks if you feel you cannot win fair and square.

I do not believe that this gen should be capped off at 60mph with the xbox360. ALL GAMERS SHOULD REBEL AGAINST THIS, EVEN THE XBOTS.

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MADGameR3868d ago

This is a waste of time! Its obvious Halo 3 does not live up to the CGI just like all other games!

nobizlikesnowbiz3868d ago

Secret stop spamming every Xbox360 thread with your shat.

SonySoldiers3868d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

They can't beat our trailers! That's so lame.. they should compare our trailers with theirs. Ours always win.

SECRET U ARE WRONG! Xbox is a product by the USA, so like US automobiles.. xbox doesn't deliver. Playstation is made in Japan, so it rules!

Just don't use your US cars analogy for the mighty Playstation 3! It just doesn't sound right.

reaferfore203868d ago

If you take into consideration that most american car companies have their cars manufactured in Mexico to reduce labor costs and that Japanese car companies have their cars manufactured in the US for the same reason, your analogy is kind of flawed.
IMO all games shouldn't use cgi cutscenes at all. They've reached the point where they can make the gameplay look good enough to do whatever they need to for the cutscenes in a game. The Metal Gear Solid series is a prime example. Every cutscene you see in those games are real time in engine. More games should follow in suit in this practice to get rid of these stupid CGI vs. Gameplay comparisons. Come this monday I won't care if the gameplay lives up to the CGI. I'll be too busy mowing down tards and noobs to care about petty things like this.

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RadientFlux3869d ago

it seems that Bungie was telling the truth the CGI trailer was using game assets (ie 3D models). With the screen shots they use I can't tell the difference.

BUM3869d ago

I agree with you. There is a little difference.

projectile3868d ago

The spartan armor is a simple model so comparing it to CGI and ingame would yield little difference.
I think the reason it looks the way it does was because it brought good performance on the regular xbox.
What I really care about is how it plays.

reaferfore203868d ago

Yeah they do look almost alike. Can't wait!!!

jay33869d ago

There is a bit of a difference, but not really that much, the CG trailer was a more gritty.

iNcRiMiNaTi3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

in the CGI master chiefs armor looks like its scratched up from battle, but in the game its shiny and new like mr. clean polished master chief

Kirderf3868d ago

great comment with that picture! XD lmfao

nobizlikesnowbiz3869d ago

I think CGI looks a lot better. But thats because it's CGI. Using models and whatnot.

At least Bungie didn't claim that this was in-game footage...cough cough Killzone 2.

toughNAME3869d ago

because you beat me to it

iNcRiMiNaTi3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

damn....i wanted to say that

AliC3869d ago

-- At least Bungie didn't claim that this was in-game footage...cough cough Killzone 2.

When did they say this?

As I recall the E3 2005, was a video done by Sony to show what potentially was possible with the Playstation 3 it wasn't actually running off any graphics engine and was produced the same way most CGI videos are done.

sticky doja3869d ago (Edited 3868d ago )

"Sony Computer Entertainment of America's Vice President, Jack Tretton, lies that E3 2005 Killzone footage was realtime and playable. A year later the truth is revealed on SpikeTV's Gamehead by a studio contacted by Sony to create the prerendered footage of Killzone for PS3."

Edit: Here's another one for you

RUMOR #1: The Killzone PlayStation 3 tech demo was prerendered.

"So how does Sony respond to the allegations? Far from being evasive, it met them head-on. "Yes, it is real time," a rep told GameSpot."

Rageaholic3868d ago

mentioned it was in game graphics,

they just showed the video and ppl assumed or pushed the issue that it was in game.

But what they did say was the game will have a similar feel like in the CGI video first shown on e3

Now going back to halo, i've been to the futureshop a few times and they were showing a video (low res though) on in game graphics and gameplay, if those are the graphics they are pretty behind gears of war.

Sangheili853868d ago

Did you not watch the Video from sticky doja? Jack Tretton says it's real time and playable. I love games as much as the next gamer ps3 or 360 but you can't stick up for Sony's Lies. They have said more lies then any company. Face it Sony thinks by telling lies to their customers they will might sale an extra ps3 or so. I personally don't listen to Sony or MS. I just play the system and see whats good.

Spinitus3868d ago

and look how awesome killzone 2 looks now. u xbots got Killzowned.

DeadIIIRed3868d ago

Bungie did claim they used the in-game engine for this trailer so...pfffffft jog on.

reaferfore203868d ago

I do seem to remember someone telling me that the cgi video for Halo was real-time. Either way, it looks close enough that I really don't care. Same with Killzone. Luckily for me I'm going to be able to play both of these games and have fun while doing so. Too bad there's so many people out there that don't think they can enjoy one or the other just because it's not on their system...

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