Introducing the Killzone 3 Retro Pack

Official Killzone Blog: Ever find yourself longing for the good old days of 2359, when the invasion of Helghan had just gotten underway and you were fighting a desperate bloody battle over every inch of its capital city? That’s perfectly understandable – why, we all do sometimes. But now there’s the Retro Pack, a Killzone 3 map pack that lets you relive those glorious multiplayer battles in the market streets and canals of Pyrrhus!

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PR_FROM_OHIO2605d ago

WOW 2 of my favorite maps from KILLZONE 2!!!!!!!!!!! 20 DAYS LEFT And i can't wait!!!!

lil Titan2605d ago

the beta got pushed back to tomorrow...i feel like this guy(video) Ren is Sony, Ren cousin is Guerrilla games, but seriously cant wait

Istanbull2605d ago

BLOOD GRACHT! F*ck yeah! Now I only need Radec Academy! :)

SmokeyMcBear2605d ago

gah.. those are the two crappiest maps.. how I hated radec.. argh.

Biggest2605d ago

Blood Gracht is THE SHIT!!!! Radec could get annoying if certain weapons were available. Try playing it with pistols or ARs only. Much better.

fanboi hater2605d ago

I'm happy about both of these maps two of my favorites but it would've been awesome if one was Pyrrhus rise

WildArmed2605d ago

.. I hated Radec Academy >.<

Btw. N4G peeps meeting up 4 KZ3 beta this week!:

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2605d ago
PR_FROM_OHIO2605d ago

WOW those maps look freaking sweet!!!!!!!

lil Titan2605d ago

wow...thats all that came to mind

Ju2605d ago

Yeah, can only agree. Wow. They've brushed those up quite a bit.

redsquad2605d ago

Good grief, they're virtually unrecognisable (and I mean that in a good way)!
Amazing stuff.

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eterry2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

well im excited, i cant wait to play this game

eterry2605d ago

Im surprised they didn't make RADEC ACADEMY one tho. that one seemed to be really popular.

Dart892605d ago

Yea 4 spamming damn rockets i hated that level with a passion.

eterry2605d ago

i was okay with it, but rockets did get annoying. alot of ppl just made it so you couldnt use them

ZombieAssassin2605d ago

I hated that map, it usually ended with one team stuck in their spawn for a majority of the game and just a sh1t ton of rockets and grenades everywhere.

I like that we got Salamun Market though I just wish they would of gave us Wasteland Bullet too.

-Alpha2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

That one was immensely popular to the point that no one picked anything else, in which case became annoying.

I love Salamun Market though. Was hoping for Pyrhus Rise as the second one.

I'm disappointed that some maps are mode-locked. I assume they are taking a BC2 type unlock system throughout the series lifetime to maintain users come back for more.

Pillage052605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Thank god for salamun market. Probably my favorite map ever.

Edit: it's gonna be cool to compare these maps to their versions on KZ2 to see how much of a difference there is.

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