This Week in Gaming Social Media: Pokemanz

"If you guys are like the staff here, you’re probably on the Internet. A lot. As such, most of you probably frequent all manner of social media, places like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You fine gentlemen probably read some really really stupid/disgusting/mean things, but I’m sure amongst all that crap, you find some genuinely funny statements. This new weekly DualShockers feature is a means to highlight those video game-related gems that may be hilarious, stupid, or stupidly hilarious."

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JohnColaw2869d ago

This is great, there's some really awesome shit out there. The one about Magicka / Whiskey Dick is classic.

mau642869d ago

Very interesting read.

Chadness2869d ago

Oh Cliffy B, you so funny.

JoelT2869d ago

His ego is starting to get a bit out of control.

iiprotocolii2869d ago

LOL Those were great. I like the Magicka one. Classic.

booni32869d ago

Exciting stuff. LOL @ Pokemanz

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