Incredible ‘Kung-Fu LIVE’ Videos Show Players How to Move with Skill

Two Martial Arts Masters Show Off Their High Impact Style. Second video is included in the article

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Hitman07692871d ago

Kung Fu live looks pretty cool for sure.

will_c_752871d ago

It is by far the funnest motion game I have played, it has its issues. You need a lot of light and side to side space. It is a great work out and will kick your butt as well, but I got so immersed I did a flying kick into my GF's knee and broke my foot.

will_c_752871d ago

It sucked because she was sitting on the couch using her lap top and had her legs folded, so her knee was like a rock. My foot didn't stand a chance.

HardcoreGamer2870d ago

wow dude i feel for you there. but im happy your gf is fine

Shani2867d ago

Wow man, Game can't keep track of that guy. Slow down buddy.