Game Podunk Demo- Catherine: First look at Atlus' Latest Title

GP blogger, The Liztress writes, "For fans of the upcoming title Catherine, January 27th was a big day. This was the date that Atlus had released the demo for the currently Japan-only action-adventure puzzle game. Unless you live in Japan or have a Japanese PlayStation Network account, you possibly either wait for someone to post a video of it on YouTube or have your fingers crossed that Atlus localizes it. I managed to play the demo (yay for making that Japanese account, lol) and thought I would share what my impressions are about this game that delves into a rather mature area. Remember, this isn't high school where you have to juggle studying with summoning your Personae. I won't go into detail on how to create a Japanese account here but googling it will offer a couple good tutorials...."

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