The Future of Halo

OXM UK: Now Bungie's moved on, Halo duties are being handled by 343 Industries. We spoke to Frank O'Connor, franchise development director and formerly of Bungie and OXM, about what the future holds for the series.

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Kon2600d ago

No Bungie, no love.

Eiffel2600d ago (Edited 2600d ago )

It's still somewhat Bungie, 343 Industries is made up of quite a few former Bungie employees that chose to stick with the Halo franchise, as well as having many other talented developers from different studios on hand.

In essence, fans got lucky, it could have gone to an entire collective group whom would have been unfamiliar with Halo's development formula.

guigsy2600d ago

I actually can't wait to see what 343 come up with. I definitely believe that we will see Halo 4 on the 360 though.

gypsygib2600d ago

MS will just pay to say "Developed by 343 in consultation with Bungie" to allay criticism.

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cochise3132600d ago

Thw next Halo will not top Reach. Bungie did an awsome job with that.

gypsygib2600d ago

They should release a SP DLC that finishes off the story of the other Spartans on Reach to see if they can make a quality Halo game.

hennessey862600d ago

fanboys claim that the halo series is stail and now its with a new studio its doomed lol. Microsoft wouldnt leave there prized asset in nothing but capable hands end off