130,000 Slim & Lite Sold On Day 1

Gpara has the result for the performance of PSP Slim & Lite (PSP-2000), which officially went on sale yesterday in Japan. Apparently around 130,000 units were sold in Japan, making it the second biggest one day sale for the handheld in the country since the launch of PSP-1000 back in 2004.

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PS360WII3929d ago

I'm just not getting it. Is it called Slim & Lite? Or is there two versions one PSP Slim and PSP Lite? Can they not figure out what to call it and they give it two names? What's going on!

Well if it is just the new version of PSP selling then well done. Wish it was more of an overhaul then just making it smaller and liter but what can you do.

hella whip3929d ago

Its called Slim & Lite because the new one is both slimmer and lighter than the old one.

Twizlex3929d ago

No, it's called Slim and Lite because PSP Lite was just a LITTLE too much of a rip-off of DS Lite, so they threw that extra word in there to make it "original". Next Sony's going to come out and say that Nintendo is copying their strategy.

mighty_douche3929d ago

i think im gonna pick one of these up next year to coincide with playTV, its gonna be great to be able to steam movies/live or stored tv off you ps3 to your psp anywhere in the world!

eagle213929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

The psp had it's second birthday March 2007 worldwide. Now games like Final Fantasy Crisis Core, Monster Hunter, Echochrome, God of War, Calling all cars, etc. are showing up. The psp should have a great 2008. I purchased a ds back in November of 2004. Playing Mario 64 on the touch screen was very clunky but fun (the nub on psp is way easier for 3d games). I did not even touch my ds again in 2005 until Mario Kart DS came out christmas 2005. Then I waited to May 2006 for New Super mario bros, the ds finally heated up worldwide with a $130 redesign. I was a little pissed, so it was done for me. I purchased a psp in fall 2006, and love everyday of it! Echochrome and God of war look too sweet to pass up. New Portable Ops, Kingdom Hearts, and many more on the way! Psp, it's your turn.

MK_Red3929d ago

PSP deserves big sales. They say it lacks games. It may be true about overall number of games but in regards to AAA games, PSP is nothing short of DS. DS has so many games but only handfull of them are great and PSP has the same amount of good games. PSP FTW!

crck3929d ago

the amount of AA (8 and up) games as the DS. The problem is alot of them are ports. But for a mobile only gamer the PSP does have the superior library.

Escorcio3929d ago

The Psp slim & Lite was out on 14th September in the UK (WOOOO, We're finally first to get something!)
Does anyone know what the figures were?


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