Facebook Games Making More Money Than Console Bestsellers

IGN: Unlike traditional retail games, whose sales are tracked by NPD, the value of Facebook games has remained vague. Social game makers have been snatched up for hundreds of millions of dollars, which got us thinking, "How much money do these games actually make?"

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trounbyfire2869d ago

OMFG NPD is NA not WW i am will to bet facebook is WW.

facebook has majority of it uses out side NA

captain-obvious2869d ago

just wait tell everyone switches off facebook to some new social website

just like 99% of social websites their is a time where they are like the new stuff and everyone rushes into it
and after awhile everyone forgets about itwhen a new website comes out

i myself is not a facebook fan

HolyOrangeCows2869d ago

Myspace? What's a "Myspace"?

Anyway, I don't think Facebook is QUITE out the door any time soon, but I don't exactly think my kids will be using Facebook in their lifetimes.

I sure hope Youtube goes out of fashion soon. That site really sucks these days.

red2tango2869d ago

@ Cow

How can YouTube suck? You can put up any video, gets views, entertain, and even make money, all for free. You can find anything on Youtube and that's the great part about it.

mushroomwig2869d ago


Youtube was amazing before Google took over, now the site is a copyright and ad nightmare.

DelbertGrady2869d ago

Don't know if you are serious. The article never said it was WW numbers. It mentions that it's NPD numbers on several occasions.

Dsnyder2869d ago

Facebook sucks. Cant wait till it becomes dead like myspace and people finally start going outside to talk to people.

Prototype2869d ago

No s-it facebook games warrant more $, all you need is a pc that can load the site

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2869d ago

It's true. Casual market is largest market. all facebook games are casual games. And very low budget. Whoever made farmville is a genius. Wish I woulda thought to draw a picture of a cow and sell it for 8 cents lol. That game makes loads of money.

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Anarki2869d ago

Cost of games on consoles far exceeds that of making games for facebook...

DFresh2869d ago

Well the games are cheap and free 2 play ofcourse Face Book has an opportunity to make a lot more money.

It's only natural that the cheaper product always sells more.

Too bad some people don't look for quality and reliability they'd rather would have cheap.


yess2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

I think alot of those people will be hungry for more at some time, and might buy a console.
So it could also create new gamers.

DFresh2869d ago

I remember one of my friends told me to check out Farmville on Face Book.

Tried it out it's pretty fun.

Definitely one of those quick games you would play when your bored.

The whole point of the game is you create gardens in your house and other players can check it out.

If you want more plants you would have to buy them.

Still their very cheap like 25 cents to $2.

Felt the same way when I played Angry Birds.

Very simplistic but very addictive.


Well at least it'll create more gamers and the game industry and our hobby can expand.

frjoethesecond2869d ago

In other news World of Warcraft makes more money than console best-sellers and I like stating the obvious.

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