Killzone 3 Versus Rage: Latest Build Comparison

GB: "Yesterday we posted awesome new screenshots for RAGE and it looks like with every new image released RAGE looks better. So how does it compare with the upcoming Killzone 3 which is already shaping to be one of the best shooters in recent years.
In order to decide this we have compared the two games from various angles. In the screenshot comparison below you will find how the game’s characters, guns and explosions stack up with each other.
Please click the back-next button to navigate through them and please click the image to see it in a better quality as we are having some technical issues with our image gallery. We apologize for any inconvenience caused."

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ABizzel12876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

I have to say Rage looks great I love the color, but I prefer Killzone. Rage and KZ3 are the front runners so far for best graphics, and Crysis PC version.

DualConsoleOwner2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

I guess KZ3 looks THAT good.

Amazing how PS3 can be compared to PC. and it seems like xbox 360 is out of the picture in terms of graphics.

hakis862876d ago

Again, why do they post tiny screens??

zootang2876d ago

How come we never see any of these for 360 exclusives?

SasanovaS19872876d ago

you people still havent learned, notice how they compare all these random multiplatform games only prior to their release. but once they come out, its nothing but average crap. remember crysis 2 this crysis 2 that, then it comes out and your like, wtf is this? same will be with rage.

Inside_out2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

...only one is really pushing the envelope and that is Rage. From just aesthetic perspective, they are both well made and looking with Rage on PC probably far ahead in terms of specs but even on consoles, running 60 fps in an open world where Id claims you won't fight the same enemy types twice or even have the same environments...Rage seems more impressive.

Killzone is basically a point A to point B shooter. It seems from the clips I've seen to fit in nicely with the COD, MOH or battlefield type of games. Rage is a genre buster with many elements taken from fps's, RPg's and some adventure aspects...lets take a look...

First up the awesome looking Killzone...PS3 best graphics BY FAR...this puppy is 30 mins long so sit back and hit the hd option...

Next up Rage and it's many years in the making, 60 fps, hand painted, hand crafted and never see the same enemy type twice, open world masterpiece...we hope...this one is ONLY 12, in hd sharpens everything up...

BTW...let me add this monster to the comparison...a personal fav...Gears 3...hit the hd and crank it...

nickjkl2876d ago


remember no gaems

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lil Titan2876d ago

im getting tired of these comparison articles and "lens of truth" too

palaeomerus2876d ago

Uh...then don't read them?

lil Titan2876d ago

@palaeomerus you must write them, dont you...i hate your work lazy

2876d ago
zootang2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Same old, same old! One day a multi platform title will beat a PS3 exclusive graphically or maybe not. I think not!

MNicholas2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Look at the costumes. Nearly all the detail is just a flat 2D painted texture.

Forget highly optimized exclusives like Killzone 3.

Rage isn't even close to matching your run-of-the-mill multiplatform game such as Lost Planet 2, Dead Space 2 or Mass Effect 2.

They just blow Rage out of the water.

metalanime2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

if you look at some of the screen shots that compare kz3 to rage, its actually the kz characters that look flat and painted. look at the 2nd screen shot in this article. The rage character in the armor suit really pops out and has a sense of depth. The helghast actually looks really flat if you look at the details.

The real killer2876d ago

I agree, but if you can see, Killzone 3 is allot more of happining around, and the explosion of Killzone looks more real compared with Rage.

In other words, my opinion Killozne 3 beat Rage in all fronts, grafichs.visuals and ligthing.

I my god look that atmosphere from Killzone 3, beat easy that from Rage.

Both Games are great, PS3 is just the ame in grafichs, if not better, the only thing what PC has advance is the framerate and the resolution :)

MWH2876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

both are great but i'd go with Rage. id software are not just game developers, they are technology developers who pushes the industry's envelop every now and then and quite simply they invented the genre (Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake).

@cez of rage
well said but unfortunately and as you can see you live in a fanboyism infested community and with a mostly plastic generation of gamers, a gaming world similar to Rage's actually. sometimes it feels as if you're almost talking to a void but there are still some of us in that void, and we can hear each other.

ABizzel12876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

This shouldn't be an argument or a fight. They're both completely different games. Like every said Killzone is a straight forward shooter, even though they've said Killzone 3 is going to be far more open than Killzone 2 was.

Rage on the other hand is and Open World, FPS/RPG. Rage is better compared to something like Mass Effect, Fallout, Fary Cry, and Borderlands than Killzone.

Rage is amazing and the best looking open world game hands down, but since Killzone is a more focused game it doesn't have to have as much data which is why it can look so good. But arguing about Killzone not being open world is still a tough call, because if I recall each level in Killzone 2 was 2GB and with the recent announcement that Killzone 3 uses 3 times the amount of textures, better lighting, better character models, and larger battles you can't just say that "Game X" is this while "Game Y" is that. There a reason why Killzone 3 filled a 50GB Blu Ray disc. It's a graphical beast, with great audio. Don't knock Killzone graphically it deserves the praise it gets, and so does Rage.

MWH2876d ago

well said. if there were more like you and cez-of-rage this community would've been better and more fun to communicate with. good luck with the numbers of disagrees and bubbles down.

ABizzel12876d ago

lol thank you, I don't care if someone bubbles me down, or if some dislikes my comments. I say what I feel, and that's that. I love games, and while I prefer the PS3 as my console of choice, I also love my 360, my PSP, my DS, and my new Wii (yes I have a Wii again).

They all have their strengths and weaknesses, but they all have unique games and experiences that make them different and all worth owning. We need more gamers on n4g and less fanboys. From this point on we all need to make a stand for that. Stop being a fanboy and be a gamer.

Eyeco2876d ago

TBH i dont really care which one looks great i just wanna play the games, graphics are so irreleavnt now, Fallout 3 is one of my all time favourites and it looks like a$$, these days i dont look forward to graphics.

FACTUAL evidence2876d ago

KZ3 looks like CG compared to rage....Don't get me wrong rage looks hot, but kz3 just got that groove son...

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cyborg2876d ago

I'll wait for both the games to come out but for now, KZ 3 is the winner.

byeGollum2876d ago

funny how you say its too early to decide yet you made a decision lol... you scared to say rage looks better? you don't want to be eaten alive *giggles*

ABizzel12876d ago (Edited 2876d ago )

Your comment makes no kind of sense. He says it's to early to decide but for now KZ 3 is the winner.

If you could comprehend then he's basically saying KZ3 looks better for now, but Rage could look better when it comes out. Pick up a book once in a while and read instead of playing games all the time.

junk3d2876d ago

As long as RAGE looks that good and plays at the promised 60fps on the consoles we may have a new visual powerhouse to contend with...and it is cross platform. But only time will tell.

GamingForever2876d ago

I will choose both because I just love trying out all games!