Team Ninja Talks Ninja Gaiden II

Fans of the coolest man in black since Johnny Cash have been waiting for quite some time, knowing that Ninja Gaiden 2 was inevitably coming. Even, dare they say, already in development. But nothing was really known for sure. Nothing, that is, until now. At the 2007 Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft unveiled their latest coup, Ninja Gaiden II for the Xbox 360.

Gamespy were able to sit with Team Ninja's Yoshifuru Okamoto, Producer on Ninja Gaiden II, and Katsunori Ehara, Director of Ninja Gaiden II to take a look at their gameplay demonstration first-hand and to learn what this brand new Ninja Gaiden adventure will bring to the table.

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BloodySinner3897d ago

There was nothing in that interview that I didn't already know!

GaMr-3897d ago

Selling out...

nahh it was a good move by Microbuyupthecompetitionsoft. And NG2 looks hella sick.