CVG's PES 2008 hands on - Going to tick all the right boxes for Xbox fans

PES is all about 'feel' and as usual Seabass and his team seem to have added a subtle and very slightly different flavour over last year's 360 version, which undoubtedly and immediately improves your game. The AI seems just that bit more intelligent and indeed belligerent and the overall playing experience is an absolute pleasure especially when you're banging them in - and a pain when you're disputing the ref's latest 'shocker'.

How it will measure up against the PS3 debut remains to be seen, especially if that version supports Sony's freshly announced DualShock 3 and it seems curious that rather than FIFA, PES's main competition this year will come from another platform rather than a rival.

However what seems certain is that PES 360 is going to tick all the right boxes for Xbox fans and for hardcore football fanatics it simply doesn't get much better than this.

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oliveira3113830d ago

Man oh man how this game has won me over! I was a big Fifa fan for years. Until last year, I bought Pro Evo 2007 for the 360. This game just feels like real soccer. Every goal is unpredictable and nothing comes particularly easy. I played the Fifa 08 Demo and although it has improved, is still weaker that the 07 version of Pro Evo. This is an easy choice this year. Pro Evo 2008 it is!