8 Bit Skittle Art

Skittles are great for eating but there are also so many other fun things that can be made with them, such as: AWESOME 8-BIT NINTENDO CHARACTERS! Try your luck and see what you can make with skittles to look like pixel art.

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smurfz2873d ago

Those are just amazing! I know what I'm doing today now!

halocursed2873d ago

I wish i was this artistic. :/

ChickeyCantor2873d ago

Crap a freaking sheet of zoomed in pixels and do it.
You are thinking to hard.

gamerben2873d ago

No offense but this doesn't take much artistic skill, just a lot of time.

GodsHand2873d ago

Whoa, where did you get those white skittles from?

cyborg2873d ago

art which you can eat after you're done admiring them.

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