Dynasty Warriors 7 Roster Update

"New scans have revealed that Lian Shi, better known as Lady Bu, will be making her debut appearance in the Dynasty Warriors series alongside the gallery of existing fighters. She served under Sun Shang Xiang as a battle-wary handmaiden who later married Xiang’s brother and Wu leader, Sun Quan."

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Andreas-Sword2787d ago

Lu Bu and Gan Ning are my favorite characters :D

BiggCMan2787d ago

I can't wait to see Lu Bu in action. Did they remake him again or is he the same from 6? And HELL YEA for Gan Ning, thats my main man right there, he is so kick ass.

Azianphil882787d ago

so glad that all the Shu Generals are back in action

xVeZx2787d ago

show me a gameplay video dying to see this game in action....

sjeen662787d ago

this character looks hot