Top Releases for February 2011

Which games hit the shelves this month? Oh, there are many: Killzone 3, Test Drive Unlimited and Bulletstorm for example. Hit the jump to check out, which games are hot this month, too.

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chriski3332722d ago

killzone 3 baby !!!!!!!!!!! just few more hours for the beta!!!

warrior99882722d ago

on what europe or us & thanks

MintBerryCrunch2722d ago

im guessing europe since they are ahead of us...its already early morning Feb. 3rd over there

just depends if the PSN store has been updated or not

SpitFireAce852722d ago

Its Europe starts at 11 AM GMT...lucky
SOBs lol...BTW it starts at 10AM PST/1PM EST
for the US...

BigShotSmoov0072722d ago

Feb. will be a great month, killzone 3, bulletstorm, it doesn't get any better.

anasurimbor2722d ago

Marvel vs Capcom 3 for me. I'm tempted to get Killzone 3 too if I'm not too strapped for cash, Killzone 2 was a great FPS.

RockmanII72722d ago

That was Mahvel Baybee ^_^

Welcome to the madness

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