Last batch of new characters for Dissidia 012 revealed?

As Dissidia 012’s March release date (the 25th in the UK) draws ever closer, info on the last few new characters to join the roster is trickling in. First up is Prishe, one of the key characters in FF11’s second expansion pack: Chains of Promathia. Sadly she probably wasn’t on the top of every ones most wanted list for 012, in fact I'd be shocked if many English speakers have even heard of her! While many of the characters in Square Enix’s foray into the MMO genre such as fellow Dissidia combatant Shantotto proved quite popular in Japan, to western audiences they're relative unknowns. Still, the more the merrier right?

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anasurimbor2872d ago

Hated Shantotto, she doesn't fit in Dissidia in the least. Prishe isn't much better. Gilgamesh on the other hand... that's badass.

This is old news though.

hay2872d ago

Gilgamesh in Dissidia? I started to be interested. Gilgamesh is awesome.

Lamarthedancer2872d ago

"It’s also recently been confirmed that FF7’s Aeris (or Aerith if you want to get fussy) will be making an appearance, but only as a support character whose assist moves have the power to restrict an enemy’s movements and make the player temporarily invincible."

I thought Rinoa would of made an appearence as an support character aswell.....well least we got Luguna :)

Redempteur2872d ago

Price is a very good character ..the millions of FF11 players are sure to know her