FTG Review: Little Big Planet 2

In Little Big Planet 2, you return to Craftworld as Sackboy, however an evil vacuum cleaner called the Negativeatron (insert evil scary music here) has started to suck up Craftworld and everything in it. You are rescued by Larry Da Vinci and are told you are to go through training and join an organization known as “The Alliance” sworn to protect Craftworld and now they are trying to take down the Negativeatron. You go through 6 worlds with your fellow alliance members until you finally (spoiler alert) defeat the Negativeatron.

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Fir3truck2874d ago

Great job William Timothy. Can't wait to read more of your stuff.

Pixelated_Army2874d ago

"Single player co-op is broken; it is a frequent pain when you have to wait for your friend to get to where you are and in some cases if you are not right beside them you’ll get left behind and die."

It's called co-op for a reason. What I do when one of my friends falls behind is I move to his location and wait for him to catch up so he doesn't die. What's so difficult about that?

"If a friend jumps in with you in a level there is a constant loading screen that will come up for one of you that won’t go away."

The first I'm hearing about this.

eccothedolphin72874d ago

I can't wait to see the stuff the community will make with this game.

SnakeMustDie2874d ago

There is already a Heavy Rain inspired level called "The Lost". It's amazing.

PureDarkness2874d ago

There is also a fully functioning Street Fighter with ryu and ken. Absolutely mental stuff can be done with this.

ElementX2874d ago

Great game! I finished the story mode the other day and last night I finished watching all the tutorials! Hopefully today I can start working on a level. There are so many options, it's mindboggling!

AmigoSniped2874d ago

I am so excited to play this but havent Been able to get it yet.

maxcavsm2873d ago

I never played the first, but started the second with my wife and are having a great time!