Evil Avatar's Shotgun Episode 103: Screaming Eye Breaking Skulls

Shotgun Podcast: Hey everyone! It’s the eve of February, and we’re answering your emails and voicemails before January is done! Modeps and Kragg catch up with you, the listeners, to discuss important topics like the Mortal Kombat $DLC, the mature player community in Little Big Planet 2, and Pokey-Mans. Then Kragg gives some quick impressions about Two Worlds 2, and Modeps goes into depth about how awesome Dead Space 2 is. Then we answer the timeless question, “What is better? Move, or Kinect?” and find out the answer is “Move”. Finally, we talk about the demos of Bulletstorm and Crysis 2 to varying degrees of excitement and pre-ordering. All this and no Facebook updates on this weeks Shotgun!

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Cat2845d ago

Agreed about Crysis 2 - played the multiplayer at the PAX event and it was entirely "meh". :( Folding laundry *is* more satisfying.