The 3rd Birthday should have been a PS3 game, says Tabata

Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday is due out this Spring. It’s shaping up to be a very interesting PSP title indeed – but director Hajime Tabata did have concerns that the team might have aimed for the wrong console.

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FiftyFourPointTwo2869d ago

Together with Dissidia and BBS. WTF are you doing SE!!!

trounbyfire2869d ago

i know i would love a HD KH game
fingers crossed for KH3 which will sell like 5 million easy but japan is all handheld games right now

ComboBreaker2869d ago

They wanted to do it on the PS3, but Wada insisted that they do it on the PSP.

I don't like Wada because
he insists upon himself.

nycredude2869d ago

SE are stretching themselves too thin trying to appease the western and eastern markets. I mean they are doing shooters too now. WTF! They used to be a master of one trade now they are just jack of all trades master of none. Sad.

This forces them to develop on handheld cause the cost are lower and require less manpower.

trounbyfire2869d ago

its that too but in japan a PSP or DS game will sales better than a PS3 game so they make them for handheld but in the west we play on consoles so it is just lazy that they don't even port the games to the PS3 or something so westerners will buy it

nycredude2869d ago

yeah japan loves their gaming on the go.

Troll-without-Bridge2869d ago

If they were trying to please the western market they would have been making those games on consoles. So you can see how completely backwards your comment was.

fossilfern2869d ago

I agree not only would it be perfect for the PS3 also the fact that i need get a PSP still ! but the NGP is out at the end of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dunno what to do

blumatt2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

It should've been either a PS3 title, or ,at the very least, a PSP2 title. IMO

MaideninBlack2869d ago

If it was made for the PS3 it'd still be in development knowing SE.

MisterAV2869d ago

knowing SE and nomura (involved in everything from artist to director)...

Moerdigan2869d ago

Interesting he said PS3 only. Normally it would a agiven for 3rd parties to go both 360/PS3 when they make an HD game.

Apollyn2869d ago

I have lost so much respect for SE. Hell go back ALOT of years when it was just squaresoft! And they was my favorite devs :(.

Heck you know everyone has that 1 friend, 1month there a goth, the next there a Chav then a gangsta. The trend that doesn't fit in anywhere no matter how hard he tries.... that's SE

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