Is It Worth Being A One Game Gamer?

Over the last few years I have jumped back and fourth from being a guy with a shelf full of games, playing all of them through out the week, to a guy with one game that never leaves the console. Both gaming experiences have their good and bad points to them but which is the best way to go?

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Kran2727d ago

If I see a game that looks good, I buy it, regardless on if ill still be playing it next week. E.G. Kane and Lynch and DJ Hero

captain-obvious2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

ive never been a one game gamer
right now i got like 7 games to play and finish
let alone the games that im planning on getting soon
no time

Kran2726d ago

Well thats what im like too, so ;P

kancerkid2726d ago (Edited 2726d ago )

What I am playing now:

Dead Space
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Mass Effect 2
Forza Motorsport 3
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Quake Live
Call of Duty: Black Ops

So yea, I do not play 1 game for months on end, but like 7 games for months on end.

GameNTrain2727d ago

I am going to get back into the routine of playing a variety of games rather than just one select title. It is time to spice things up

deadreckoning6662726d ago

Well, as far as online games are concerned, I only play two at a time so I can get good at them, which would lead to me having more fun with them.

MidnytRain2726d ago

I feel ya. Going from Bad Company 2 to Killzone to Uncharted too rapidly just ends in me getting owned, lol.

soundslike2726d ago

Stuck on DCUO, can't bring myself to play anything else. I tried playing Black Ops for a little bit and only made it through two matches before falling asleep.

JoshuaN4G2726d ago

I've been playing only Mass Effect 2 for the past 2 weeks. I'm not tired of it at all, you could easily get 40+ hours on it.

Pozzle2726d ago

I can't mix up the games I play. If I stop playing a certain game for a long period of time, or if I start playing another game before I finish the first one, I forget what happens. I have the memory of a goldfish. :(

Quagmire2726d ago

Which is why when I have multiple games, I play one story game at a time until I finish the story aspect, whilst bouncing around games which dont have stories.

Such as while playing AC Brotherhood, I will bounce around Hot Pursuit and Just Cause 2, and will start Dead Space 2 once I finish the story of AC.

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The story is too old to be commented.