NXT Gamer: Dungeons Review

NXT Gamer's Kieran reviews Dungeons...

"As long as there have been video games, there has been one type of mission, one level, one game type that has existed. Or, at least it feels like it, because of all the possibilities interactive entertainment presents, dungeon crawlers seem to be the most tired, overused and dull ideas that developers like to incorporate into their productions. Walking through seemingly endless room after room, going through the motions and killing enemies, wondering quite what the point of it all is or ever was. Existential-crisis inducing situations aside though, dungeon crawls really are quite dull. So, in a hope to rejuvenate the idea, Kalypso have flipped the concept completely on its head in a similar style of the Dungeon Keeper games of the 90s. You’re in charge of the dungeon now, and may death itself have mercy on any hero that dares wander into your path."

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