IGN: TGS 2007: Project O is On the Way - First Screens

Though it wasn't actually on the show floor, one of the more promising games IGN have seen for the Wii at Tokyo Game Show is a mysterious little title, simply branded Project O. In Japan, it'll be called Ousama Monogatari, or "King Story," but Marvelous Entertainment's not ready to give it a North American name…yet.

In Project O, the story follows a young lad just minding his own business, until a Don Quixote character marches up, thrusts a crown on his head, and calls him king. Now that he's got a crown on his head, the townsfolk are simply content with the knowledge that the kid is king, and now blindly follows his orders. As Kimura points out, "that's the power of the crown." So now it's up to the player to rule, improve, and defend the land in a very unique real-time strategy game that's admittedly influenced by games such as Civilization and Pikmin.

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ItsDubC3894d ago

Nice to see some upcoming games w/ innovative gameplay. I had read that this title was being developed by a "developer dream team" of sorts, so I'm looking forward to see what how it pans out. Looks good so far.