Level Cap Raise, Beta End date and more

Fourzerotwo has just posted a plethora of new information about the final stages of development before COD4 goes gold.
On Friday Sep 28th the level cap will be raising to 25.
On Sep 30 the Beta will close
He also talks about some work they have done with Host Optimization and how they are going to deal with glitchers (you die).

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Mike Ox Big3621d ago

They are deliberately only giving us a taste of the new guns for a few days so we have to go buy the game. Smart though, if they kept the beta going till launch some people would probably get board with it (not me).

DG3621d ago

Hey better then nothing at all.

nobizlikesnowbiz3621d ago

Prolly won't be playing beta after the 25th.

P4KY B3621d ago

The game is great, I'm sold. I have it pre-ordered.
But on the 28th it will be like a ghost town.
You'll be lucky to get a 2v2 game.

nobizlikesnowbiz3621d ago

Kill-switched? Does that mean I can't get on the roof in overgrown anymore :(?

Mike Ox Big3621d ago

yes, when you glitch you die

DG3621d ago

So your one the little fu#@!ers that allways snipes me from there. DIE BASTARD DIE. LOL. No I ussually just get yall with a grenade if you stay there too long.

socomnick3621d ago

lol on the 28th yea ill be playing halo 3 no time for this beta.

DG3621d ago

Not me Im waiting to rent it first so thats what like March 08.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3621d ago

I like the part about killing the glitchers because the day I get this game I will just log on to laugh and watch the carnage and listen to the complaints.

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