More Ranked European Warhawk Servers

Here is an announcement from a moderator at the EU Playstation forums informing gamers that they have increased the amount of Warhawk servers and there could be even more ranked servers to come.

Here is the quote in full:

"The successful launch of Warhawk on 30th August has resulted in a huge demand for games hosted on SCEE servers. In response to this and to get ready for this weekend's play, we have substantially increased the number of European ranked servers available to you. This will allow you to join ranked multiplayer games more easily. We will continue to monitor the number of servers required on a regular basis, and will be further increasing the number of SCEE servers over the coming weeks."

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Violater3922d ago (Edited 3922d ago )

I saw a whole lot more ranked NA servers as well.
Good to see Sony/Incog is dedicated to providing a quality experience and dare I say it "Free"

MaximusPrime3922d ago

i actually enjoyed being on NA server. Im always 1st or 2nd. (i dont use headset, i work alone ;) ) Once EU server is up and running, i will play that, no doubt i will remain 1st. HA Ha AH aA

I love Warhawk!

Violater3922d ago

we ave never been in the same matches or that would not be happening :)

SaddamHussain3922d ago

Warhawk, possibly the worst game I've played on the PS3. If I want to look at bad cartoon graphics then I'll watch an episode of Transformers Cybertron.

kornbeaner3922d ago

A new account and already being ignored????

Whats wrong? are you bored waiting for your 360 to return from repairs?

Sucks when sh!t keeps breaking down on you don't it.

ravinash3922d ago

...and yes, I do still suck....but have, at lest I love it. ;-)
Great to see that their looking after the euros (me being one of them).