Epic cancels Bulletstorm unlocks in Gears of War 3

An Epic staffer has stated that the company has cancelled previous plans to have its prior games unlock items in Gears of War 3.

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Legion2874d ago

Spot on. I won't be purchasing Bulletstorm and would have been upset to loose some unlockable just because I didn't care for another title they made.

Legion2874d ago

Sorry cat... the demo was not to my liking. So can't be missing out on an experience that I don't appreciate. The whole score points running around thing... sorry not for me.

blumatt2874d ago

Probably for the best. You shouldn't have to buy another game just to be able to get content on another game. That's crazy. That's like paying $120 for one game or paying $50 a year for playing online. ... Oh, damn, I better edit that last part out. ...nah...I stand by my statement. haha

catguykyou2874d ago

No one is forcing anyone to buy multiple games. Just like no one is forcing people to preorder to get a bonus item. It's just a cool extra for people who enjoyed other games from the company.
All extras are cosmetic anyways. I mean, you would have to only own one system, closing yourself off from the enjoyment of games themselves, not just a company who makes the console, to not understand this....oh wait.

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guigsy2874d ago

Didn't even know they were planning to do this, oh well.

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Cajun Chicken2874d ago

This, I think is good. Bulletstorm needs to survive on it's on merit. The Gears beta is enough, but honestly, Bulletstorm seems a lot more thought about than Gears of War.