Iwata: Why I won't comment on Sony NGP

CVG writes: Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has explained why he refuses to comment on Sony's NGP and get drawn into a potential handheld console war. He claims that he's had his fingers burnt in the past when commenting on Apple iPad.

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rrw2874d ago

i have feeling that he will say "NPG is simply more powerful version of psp"

even though he probably knew that the statement is wrong

cakeisalie2874d ago

Lets not under estimate Nintendo here, all of us remember what happened the last time around. History has a way of repeating itself.

3DS may not be as powerful as the NGP but it will certainly be cheaper. We know the masses are very price sensitive.

ActionBastard2874d ago

Let's not overestimate Nintendo either. The PSP was trying to do too much, while Nintendo just focused on gaming on the DS. The NGP looks to be Sony stripping down the "all in one" device aspect and simply making a killer, killer handheld game machine.

Ryudo2874d ago (Edited 2874d ago )

Still simply from an older generation standpoint, my Uncle knows about the 3DS my mother knows about the 3DS.

All of my friends well most know about the 3DS, only my more hardcore gamer friends have any clue the NGP currently is currently being made.

Not to mention gamers should know by now it's not the device that wins the generation it's the games. And Nintendo has one of the strongest software launch line ups ever.

You have to remember alot of developers used to release games for the PSP and DS simply because there much cheaper to make.

Nintendo have gone that route again 3DS games won't cost massive amounts of money to produce.

Sony have gone and released a platform that could very well require console level production values. And why that's great for some developers for others it will likely be a turn off.

norman292874d ago

He wont make a comment about it? but he will make a comment about not commenting about it, which in itself is making a comment about it :|

visualb2874d ago




yeah its possible

3DS will be a great console too =) preferences

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gamerben2873d ago

There is nothing wrong with saying it's a more powerful version of the PSP, because it is.

Gameboy color, a more powerful version of the gameboy.
Gameboy advanced, a more powerful version of the Gameboy color.

You get the idea.

It's just evolution.

ChristianGamer2874d ago

In other words, didn't we beat these guys the last time with a less powerful device?

visualb2874d ago

yeah they beat the 360 and PS3 in sales with the Wii


thats what you are talking about right?

oh the PSP with the DS?


wait, basically they beat everyone with less powerful hardware

Boody-Bandit2874d ago

I hope you realize you just confused him to a point he will need a nap to recollect himself for coherent thought. Oh wait, he never has one to begin with. Carry on.

KillingAllFanboys2874d ago

Lol XD you are kinda right Nintendo said they already defeated Sony and know their competitor is Apple now

Spinal2874d ago

Fanboy War! in 3...2...1..

visualb2874d ago

your 2nd comment in 1 hour about fanboys coming...

can you actually add a constructive comment TOWARDS THE ARTICLE? or are do you come here just for the fanboy trash?

yeah...figured =|

Spinal2874d ago

Actually I hope my posts act as diversion away from fanboy warring.

As someone like me own all platforms so I dont get why so many users put so much effort in flaming each other. Like sony or Microsoft is their dad.

SuicideShaun2874d ago

Wouldn't this be commenting on the device? lol

Wikkid6662874d ago

What's the sense in pissing in the wind???

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