Marvel Vs Capcom 3 : Eurogamer video tutorial gameplay

A tutorial gameplay video of upcoming Capcom beat'em up

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ChristianGamer2636d ago

Question. Will the next game in this series feature Emo Dante?

Quagmire2636d ago

Emo Dante? Dante already was an Emo. If you are referring to the new Dante, no, he's not going to be in it.

Ve3tro2636d ago

Makes me wonder, is the "Dante" in the new DmC actually him.

deafwing2635d ago

:/ i thought they explained that game is a reset in the series ...
anyways mvc3 looks dope ... will get this :D

redDevil872636d ago

It took 10 years for MVC3 to come out after the second, so you might have to wait a decade to find out lol

J BO2636d ago

your comments make me wonder if you guys are Emo lovers ????