Socom 4: New images

Zipper Interactive is producing and Sony publishing Socom 4 exclusively for PS3. The game is still due on April 20 on PS3 (Europe ). Socom 4 will suport Playstation Move. We have new images for Socom 4

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Dart892873d ago

Damn you sony my wallet can't take it anymore...ahhh who cares just take all my money and give my games lol.

PR_FROM_OHIO2873d ago

Tell me about it!!! SONY is my pimp and i'm there whore bc i just give them all my money but i feel so good doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pixelated_Army2873d ago

damn those graphics look tight. makes BlOps look like a steamy pile of dog poo.

ElVeneno2873d ago

Looks beautiful, damn I can't wait for this. I'm definitely picking this up with the move controller.

negroguy2873d ago

Wait.. Motorstorm is coming out April 16th isnt it? Why does Sony put their titles so close together. They need to seriously add breathing room in between titles.

kingjoker342873d ago

cause they have release games when they are ready, and plus when u have 15+ exclusives coming out there is only so much spacing they can put. and plus they are 2 different genres. they will not affect each other sales.

negroguy2873d ago

I just cant afford 2 games in the same week ;/ Right now it looks like Socom will come first though. Although I will have killzone by then so maybe i should switch up to Motorstorm.. Decisions.. Decisions...

Pixelated_Army2873d ago


you do know that you can always sell your blood or sperm right? lol

kingjoker342873d ago

they dont need to be day 1 buys, just pick one and then wait a couple weeks and get the other.

kingjoker342873d ago

yea cant wait till socom, im a socom addict. I even played confrontation for about 200 hours even though it was not the best. just love my socom!

divideby02873d ago

I support your comment 100 %

sickbird2873d ago

same here, i played the shit out of confrontation. Half my friends list are people i met playing that game. The Socom community is the best of any online game. Can't wait for this!

Sub-Zero852873d ago

Socom 4 & Mortal Kombat launch on the same day ..... yes sir !!!!!

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