Pixel glory for PS3: 10 exclusives that will blow you away visually in 2011

Sony is ramping up its exclusive line-up for 2011 with very strong titles. Those games will be visually stunning. Games Aktuell shows you 10 games that will set new standards - either technically or artistically. Which one is your favorite?

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socom is looking amazing,this wasnt even on my radar

AKA2848d ago

SOCOM was always on my radar and i keep telling everyone in here is a must buy game, the game-play is really fun and hardcore plus the 5 players co op will be really fun to play///

Also keep an eye on TWITED METAL x,it will have one of the must fun Multiplayers gameplay ever made!!!

Istanbull2848d ago

Just look at the PS3 exclusives, so much variety omg

WhiteNoise2848d ago


Yeah man, I only buy games if they look good too


Socom fans know what the gameplay is like, if you're buying it just because it looks good, you are doing it wrong.

LORD-PHOENIX2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )

white noise.......where did i say i only buy games if they look good?

shouldnt make ASSumptions because you look an an ASS

ive never played a socom game before, thus it looking as good as it does has me intrigued...and the problem?

thats right there is none you must have way too much time on your hands to make silly little immature comments and worry about others and their gaming habits like you know them.....

piroh2848d ago

the best part is not only graphics will shine in these games

Tommykrem2848d ago

Yeah, actually I thought that some of these games aren't even that visually mindblowing. I'll buy Socom and Twisted Metal solely because of gameplay. At least Twisted Metal doesn't even look THAT good. Certainly not better than anything seen before, but it'll play good :)
Weird to keep inFamous 2 out of a visual impressive games list, but have a remake of two PS2 titles.

AKA2848d ago (Edited 2848d ago )


Must get list,
this list was made with harsh decition and i have to skip over 10 great games that i may get in the future for a cheaper price.
I will have to also skip the psp2 unless its 3d ready i may have to get it on credit if not i will skip it untill i have some extra money....

jneul2848d ago

ahh too many games not enough money as usual lol:-p
where's THE X360 list lol oh wait it doesn't have that many games coming this year :-D


@jneul ..It dose..It has gears/kinect games so im sure thats many for 360 gamers :D

I would have sold my 360 but im still keeping it bcuz of gears 3.My 360 has not been played since, and to make matters worst killzone 3 is coming out this year so im sure i wont b playing my 360 for a long time.

dredgewalker2848d ago

How about "10 PS3 games to blow all my saving away for the year! and turn me to the life of crime just to have a proper gaming life"

BABY-JEDI2848d ago

All these games look great but Uncharted is looking just tooo GOOOD LoL & the Last Guardian WOW

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