Dragon Age II Demo Hits February 23, But Some Get It Earlier

BioWare will apparently release a demo version of Dragon Age II—at the very least for PC players—only February 23, according to an e-mail sent to GameStop employees. Those lucky retail warriors will get access to said demo even earlier.

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Darkfiber2873d ago

Cool about the demo, lame about Gamestop! My girlfriend used to work at Gamestop and I used to get a ton of free crap...that's good to hear about it being on PC, I was worried it wouldn't be on PC at all.

Xfanboy2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

why would an rpg not be on pc? O_o.. between DA2,TW2,ME3,GW2 & skyrm my year is full!! Dragon Age 2 has been on steam for pre-order for awhile anyway!! but it is true!!

Crysis demo should be good to!!

thats_just_prime2873d ago

If the game comes out the 23rd the dcl probably come out on like the 20th

gorebago2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

Demo or not, I'm still getting it

Agreed about gamestop. Haven't set foot in one in months

joydestroy2873d ago

this is awesome! will help me make my choice of which platform to pick it up on first

Spinal2873d ago

Not even finished Dragon Age 1 yet damnit! lol this is all happening so fast!! Why can't Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2 & SWTOR arrive so quickly like this? I'd be more than ready! :D