New cars coming to Forza 2

Microsoft Game Studios today announced 10 brand new racers and muscle cars in a downloadable car pack for "Forza Motorsport 2," which will be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace this weekend.

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projectile3835d ago

If you like playing the waiting game :)

cuco333835d ago

Forza >> GT

I hope GT5 steps their game up MASSIVELY since after FM2 they have a HUGE hole to fill.

And sorry, pretty graphics alone won't do it for me

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power0919993835d ago

Honestly I really love Forza. The visuals vs. GT5 aren't quite as high. However Forza does what it needs to do, in order to be a FUN game.

I am in a Forza league and truly enjoy the racing that Forza provides.

To each his own though.

I can't wait for GT5 either... 16 cars at once, in High Def... yeah that's going to be great.

SKOD BIG BOSS3835d ago

i meant... forza sucks compared 2 GT! haha. o wel im stil waitin 4 GT5...guess i'l go bk 2 motorstorm :D

FordGTGuy3835d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

even come close to Forzas.

70,000+ physics calculation per car per second on track. 360 physics frames per second and GT series has never been known for its physics. Its not a fanboy comment its the truth.

Quisp3834d ago

"GT5's Physics engine couldn't even come close to Forzas."

Another dumbass post, that makes comparisons on a game that isnt even out yet. How the hell do you know what GT5's physics will be like?

I have Forza 2, and I like it. But, to say that its way beyond even GT4, is silly. Yeah, its better that GT4, but, it should be. Wait until GT5 is out before you form an opinion, pro or con.

kn3834d ago

I shouldn't even post here, but Forza 2 is a great game. Period. Will GT5 beat it? We won't know until it is out. Remember that gameplay rules over graphics. It is in that department that Forza 2 succeeds so unbelievably well. I know it's tough for fanboys and graphics whores alike to accept that a title that maybe isn't as graphically sharp as others can actually be more fun to play, but it does happen regularly. GOW2 on the PS2, for instance, graphically isn't as good as, say, Prey on the 360. GOW2 is a better game, though. See how that works?

The funny thing is, the people that have Forza 2 are enjoying it now. It's phenomenally fun to play. The game physics are second to none in video gaming. Period. If GT5 beats it... great. We have a new leader. Until then move the hell on as this is OLD!

SDS Overfiend3834d ago

BTW who said the graphics in Forza was garbage?

The visuals look good plain and simple. Cars look good driving so i can care less.

level 3603833d ago

They should just probably concentrate in making the next Forza (3)...
This one' still not up to the standards that a lot of gamers' want in a driving/racing simulator (?).
A fairly good game, quite enjoyable ( the modding/personalising but not neccessarily the racing... ) also does'nt have the long playability factor.
Actually prefer using the lesser powered vehicles which handles better than the exotics/racers'
Bring in ( in-car camera viewpoints ) and please make it standard in this type of genre.
> Gameplay - ok
> Simulator - Not.