Gamespy to post the Versus trailer "Shortly"

It seems as though, among pretty much everyone else, Gamespy were pretty impressed by the new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer. In their summary they mention that they will be posting the trailer "shortly".

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BlackIceJoe3776d ago

No need to wait for Gamespy here is the trailer.

Droynas3776d ago

LOL thats not the one they mean... There is a longer one...

mighty_douche3776d ago

cant watch vids on this crappy work pc so it'll have to wait till im home! fingers crossed its in HD!!

nasim3776d ago

BTW people cartoon halo 3 got 9/10 from MS fanboysish site

so expect 7/8 from unbiased websites

Devr3776d ago

Omgyes. Does this mean the FFXIII trailer will be made public too? I can't wait!!

EZCheez3776d ago

Have I missed the announcement of "The game to save the PS3?"

I know what I WANTED it to be (FFVII) but my hopes are getting flushed down the toilet.