Fight Night Champion Demo Now Available

Electronic Arts Inc. announced today that the Fight Night Champion demo is now available on Xbox LIVE™ and the PlayStation®Network in the UK. It is the first demo in EA SPORTS™ history to include head-to-head online play

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Dellis2789d ago

Phantom punches FTL

replays are hilarious

Thecraft19892789d ago

This would of been amazing with move surprised they did not include optional support.

Quagmire2789d ago

OMG, enough with the asking for Move/Kinect support already! They have stated multiple times in multiple articles their reasons for not including it, one of which is because gamers arent physically capable of enduring a 3 minute 12 round fight!

Thecraft19892788d ago

I said optional. Not all gamers are physically unable to do 3 minutes and 12 rounds it stupid poor reason its plain simple they where lazy.

STiRacer2789d ago

All I can say about the hit detection.

krisq2788d ago

FNR4 was a step down from FNR3, but FNC is a step down from FNR4. I thought it's not possible :/
Looks gorgous though.

byeGollum2789d ago

time to get back in the ring or back to retirement .. lol

warrior99882789d ago

mike tyson looks like a beast as always

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