TGS 2007 : Rainy Woods Trailer

Rainy Woods is certainly one of TGS 2007's pleasant surprises. Fans of Saw movies, Resident Evil, and Fahrenheit should definitely check this out.

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nix3684d ago

but looks wicked! q:

pkb793684d ago

Looks like the people who are making this game are big fans of the 90's show Twin Peaks. The midgets, notes in bodies, and weird lounge singers are all from that show. It looks like Silent Hill but in Twin Peaks.

Que8133684d ago

it looks like Silent Hill meets David Lynch, period. i wouldnt be surprised to find lost highway and mulholland drive references in the game as well. not to mention his earlier works

_insane_cobra3684d ago

Awful, just awful. One of the biggest, most blatant rip-offs I've ever seen. And to add insult to injury, it looks like ass.

Assassin4hire3684d ago

graphics are definitely last gen.. story looks pretty decent..

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