TD Gaming Podcast Episode 208: Sony's NGP Reveal

TD Gaming Podcast is covering some of the NGP information, Sony’s new hand-held and trying to find the good and the bad for the hardware. With a market getting hit with smart phones, is there a place for the NGP? This week in the news we’ve got:

* Sony Reveals NGP
* Analysts Doubtful on NGP Success
* Sony Believes 3D “Isn’t Right” For Handhelds
* Nintendo’s Iwata Weighs In On NGP
* BioWare On MMO Risk/Reward Balance
* Grandmother Dies Before Gaming Wish Comes True

This week, they flash back to the gaming impact created by one Garry Kitchen and ask the question of the week: Should Sony give up on the PS3 and release the PS4 as soon as possible?

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