TGS: Imabikisou - Eurogamer Preview

"This videogame includes shocking contents. This game is not recommended for audiences with claustrophobia, fear of the dark or heart problems. Please call out to one of our staff should you feel sick at any point". This was the dire warning given to attendees queuing up to catch a glimpse of Sega's latest PS3-exclusive Asian "sound novel" horror title. Put Eurogamer down as worryingly interested.

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mighty_douche3896d ago

with resi going more action orientated its nice to see a new IP horror game to scare the crap out of ya!

nanometric3896d ago

This game is just mental!

Now I'm not too sure about mixing this game, a home theater system and midnight hours, otherwise I will s**t my pants!

nirwanda3896d ago

go and watch a film it will cost 1/10th of the price and will have a professional director,script writers and actors.