The Last Story I found, but not Valkyria Chronicles 3

Destructoid: We recently told you that Wii RPG The Last Story disappeared from store shelves in Japan at launch, forcing people to wait on a second shipment. I guess that shipment came because from what I saw the game was available everywhere here in Tokyo.

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GodHandDee2877d ago

Hopefully this means great sales for VC3, if it's anything like the last two, it deserves it

Forbidden_Darkness2877d ago

And then, Valkyria Chronicles 4 on PS3, using Move right!? ;)

(Atleast bring VC4 to NGP and have it use the touch pads and everything)

mrmikew20182877d ago

Man I hope the Last Story makes up here in the states. Hopefully Namco have some good news for us RPG lovers and release both Tales of Vesperia and whatever the other one is called that is coming out for the PS3 up here in the states.