Motorm4x Announced - First Screens

The Easy Company have been working behind closed doors on its debut title for the past 14 months, an all-terrain off-road racer entitled Motorm4x for the PC. Motorm4x is a non-formulaic racing-title that lets players drive and explore large outdoor terrains in a variety of SUV and off-road vehicles featuring simulated GPS and 4WD functions including player-controlled axle-locking, 4 wheel drive and GPS pathfinding.

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risk3868d ago

copy of motor storm? :o

Squeezle3868d ago

It seems like, in addition to racing, you will be able to freely explore the world. Reminds me Midnight Club in the woods with GPS path finding hinting at having to find your own route to the finish. I'm disappointed they aren't developing it for consoles (at least according to the news section) as playing racers with only a keyboard is never as fun. Looks good so far, but like anything else I'll have to wait for more info before judgment.